Punk gone from AEW

Hopefully now we can all move on from this bullshit.
One Bill Phil ain’t worth the time.

Give me Rated FTR vs. The Elite.

Hopefully Hangman gets Punk’s spot tonight.


I’m glad he did this today. No point in having people think he might show up to either your paper view or television today. Make it clear he’s gone and we’re moving on.

Honestly, although this probably hurts the company, I think it’s the way I’m assuming he attacked Tony or attempted to and when you do that really there’s no recourse. I can’t think of anyone who can attack their boss or threatened to in any line of work


Nice to see Tony actually make a decision. Ultimately Punk became too much of a distraction IMO. Too bad because this is a big loss for AEW.

He helped get MJF over the top and I enjoyed most of what he did on screen.

I think Collision is going to be in major trouble though. Already feels like Rampage and will now regularly be trounced by college football.

My bold prediction of CM Punk going back to WWE in 2023 looks a lot more likely now!


I’m sure Collison will be fine. Punk gone likely frees up some money. There are big time free agents out there, even for short term.

Edge and Mercedes are likely both at the top of the list.

The discourse around AEW since last summer has revolved around Punk and waiting for the other shoe to drop. It finally did. Let’s move forward.

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Letting Punk go MIGHT help refocus the narrative to what AEW does well.

But I don’t think it will work. “Brawl Out” will likely be a “Montreal Screwjob” moment in AEW’s history that will be talked about and debated for years.

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I don’t think those two or any other talents are the difference makers Punk was or is. But we will see. Personally I would give Collison to Danielson and let him book. Give Tony a breather


Time will tell.

I’m sure part of the reason this was the ultimate decision, was that Punk managed to hijack AEW’s biggest show ever to make the narrative about himself and playing a bully and victim yet again.

Punk never main evented wrestlemania. Those two both did. Lets not kid ourselves.

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Jimmy Uso also main evented Mania. That doesn’t mean as much anymore.

I think that Collison will be just fine. And now they can load it with all the star power that Punk was keeping away from the show.

College football is going to crush Collision. Numbers wise I think the next few months are going to be rough

That being…

Punk’s got a year’s worth of on the record incidents. I am certain AEW is likely going to have a lawsuit coming out of this, as whatever happened at All In probably breached some of the legal documents and agreements made prior to his return this year.

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If the rumours are true that he lunged at Tony and yelled at him, and then he had no choice

He cannot possibly have people in the company think it’s OK to attack the boss physically and get away with it. Even Vince fired Nailz.

However, I think the loss of him is perhaps bigger than we think. I doubt anyone on this forum cares that much and probably some of us are happy. He’s gone because we want to Tony show Backbone and get back to good programming and not this melodrama.

However, I just had a friend of mine who is more a casual AEW fan but a hard-core WWE fan that is in tears. He’s sworn off AEW now because he said the only reason he watched was for CM Punk so you’re gonna get some people like that as well. He’s thrilled with WM being Punk vs Cody in his mind

I think he’s referring to the lunging at Tony. Honestly, if that is true, he was going to be gone.

Short term pain. Long term gain

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AEW was stable for the better part of a year while Punk was on the shelf after All Out 2022.

I’m sure there are Punk fans who are disappointed. But I believe the vast majority of AEW fans are happy the drama is behind them.

And again, I’m certain AEW has a big lawsuit headed Punk’s way concerning breach of contracts and agreements. I wouldn’t be so sure he’s popping up anywhere else soon.

The minute there was an investigation despite Tony being present, it rang out that this was to satisfy conditions of Punk’s contract re: breach on Punk’s part. I’d be very surprised if Tony is on the hook for the rest of his cash.

I’m stunned I was at his last AEW match. I watched the replay on ITV4 on Thursday and if viewed through that lens, it seemed that maybe he knew this was possible as he walked up the ramp.

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That’s good news. He should not have come back in the first place.


It’s all at work! AEW is a happy place full of sunshine and rainbows and would never do this to me!