PWG Mystery Vortex Results (8/1): Super Dragon returns, Malakai Black, Jon Gresham

Originally published at PWG Mystery Vortex Results (8/1): Super Dragon returns, Malakai Black

For the first time since December of 2019, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla ran an event and it emanated from the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

The show featured the returns of Super Dragon and Malakai Black (Tommy End). The likes of Jonathan Gresham, Lee Moriarty and Orange Cassidy were on the show as well. The headlining bout saw Bandido defend the PWG World Championship against Black Taurus and below are the full results courtesy of SoCal Uncensored:

  • Tony Deppen def. Jack Cartwheel
  • Brody King def. JD Drake
  • Demonic Flamita def. Arez
  • Jonathan Gresham def. Lee Moriarty
  • Aramis & Rey Horus def. Trey Miguel & Myron Reed
  • Orange Cassidy def. Evil Uno
  • PWG World Championship: Bandido (c) def. Black Taurus

Post match #PWG #MysteryVortex7 Demonic Flamita attacks @bandidowrestler, Taurus joins in. Lights go out and its Super Dragon!

— SoCal UNCENSORED (@socaluncensored) August 2, 2021

Lights out again, @TommyEnd is back in #PWG. Saves @bandidowrestler #MysteryVortex7

— SoCal UNCENSORED (@socaluncensored) August 2, 2021

. @Brodyxking and @TommyEnd embrace. @tommyend is on the mic now. He says he'll be back Sept. 26. Asks Brody what he's going to do Sept. 26. Brody says he'll go wherever he goes. #PWG #MysteryVortex7

— SoCal UNCENSORED (@socaluncensored) August 2, 2021

PWG’s next event is Threemendous VI on September 26th at the Globe Theatre.


Put a home promotion next to the talent in the PWG show this weekend. (also can do that with the talent and titles being defended at the LA NJPW show). Every promotion is benefiting from open doors. Every show seems to have cool stuff to check out. Who doesn’t like this?

AEW + New Japan + Impact + ROH + GCW + PWG + every other indy = Pro Wrestling Industry
WWE = Sports Entertainment

The lines have never been more clearly drawn and I think Pro Wrestling as a profession and art form stands to win against capitalistic media shilling, the likes we haven’t seen since MTV in the late 90s.

I wasn’t even aware there was a PGW show, but you can be sure Tommy End being back there caught my eye. (pun intended)


SoCal Unscensored (the site, not the wrestling stable that named themselves after the site) was a great resource in learning PWG results when they previously ran, so it was great to see them doing it again last night. Nice mix of talent. Cool to hear Lee Moriarty was there.

I might prefer Tommy End staying as Tommy End in PWG, but I noticed in pictures he was sporting his Malakai Black makeup. All for a team with Brody King, whether it’s just in PWG or they pop up together somewhere else.

Now if only PWG were to have some women on the card as well.

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So I’m a little clueless here, is there any way to watch PWG now that they’re back? Or do I have to wait for a DVD lol

Previously it was BD / DVD. However, there are rumblings coming out from last night they may be exploring other methods of distribution.

The major hold-up in the past as to why they avoided live streaming shows, was that would limit to whom they could use, such as ROH contracted talent. If they’re able to work something out with ROH and AEW, I presume streaming would become a viable option.


THIS!!! This is good for everyone including the consumer. Consumer first wins.