PWI 2022 list - WTF?

  1. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns
  2. Kazuchika Okada
  3. CM Punk
  4. Adam Page
  5. WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley
  6. Cody Rhodes
  7. Bryan Danielson
  8. AAA Mega Champion El Hijo del Vikingo
  9. Big E
  10. Jonathan Gresham
  11. Shingo Takagi
  12. Jon Moxley
  13. Matt Cardona
  14. Impact World Champion Josh Alexander
  15. Hiroshi Tanahashi
  16. MJF
  17. Seth Rollins
  18. Adam Cole
  19. Kenny Omega
  20. Drew McIntyre

While I completely get Roman being number 1 - Mox at 12?? Are they serious!

They put Adam Page, Lashley, Cody, Big E and Gresham over him?

I mean there’s some times you see something adn immediately throw it In garbage because it’s so far in left field that you know they have to have some kind of agenda. This will be one of those times. No idea who
Mox did dirty over there but this is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

When was this list compiled? They definitely closed voting before the last 3 weeks right? How else is Mox behind some of these guys who have missed large parts of the year (Cody, Punk)

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The ratings period was culminated ending in June. Which was really before the current run Mox has been on, and explains the rankings.

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Why print journalism is dying…

So these morons close voting in June and declare people wrestler of this year with half the year left to go completely ignoring the last three months? Like this is a serious publication? How can you release something in September and cut off voting in June for 2022? Shouldn’t you at least count most of the year and not just half of it before you declare someone wrestler of the year?


I mean PWI has never been the most up to date source of news. I commend them for surviving, and the weight fans and talent seem to put into the PWI 500.

They do have the fan voting at the end of each year for year end awards, which is totally based on fans picks.

The majority of the 500 is a kayfabed list full of random names suggested by writers, promoters, workers and “insiders”, etc.

Again, I commend them for keeping the list going for 30 years and having the response from people every year.

It’s based on business impact and kayfab success.

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The list is fine, the right person is at the top, and it achieved its intent. It has got people talking. It was the number one trend on Twitter for most of the day.

Roman’s the clear choice for #1, and nothing REALLY matters after that, in my opinion.

People are losing their minds over Moxley not being in the top 10, but he missed several months in the middle of their review period, so that has to drop him down some, right?

I’m happy to see Matt Cardona so high. He works so hard, and it’s great to see him being acknowledged.

Gresham being in the top 10 is laughable to me.

Cash Wheeler being left completely off seems unfortunate.

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Gresham carried the ROH banner throughout the down time for the promotion and had banger after banger on all sorts of platforms and promotions, until he dropped the title - after the period review had ended. He absolutely deserves the recognition.

Isn’t that how a lot of awards work?

We just had the 2022 Emmy’s in September. It’s nomination period was from June 2021 to May 2022. There were many winners for “2022 Emmy’s” whose shows came out last year.


I guess, in most sports awards are given out at the end of the season or year.


I’m always annoyed by these lists, Josh Alexander being 14 is dumb as hell if you ask me, he’s phenomenal

This thread just proves John’s point.


I can’t wait for the womens list and peoples minds melting when Jade Cargill is ranked super high

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She should be! Under the conditions that the list is put together based on Kayfabe wins she is one of the most dominant women in the industry. The only woman in a major company who has been booked as strongly is Ronda.

What’s kind of sad about this list is Bron Braker being ranked 26 showing how far the prestige of NXT has fallen. At one time the NXT title was considered equivalent to most world titles. If someone in 2018 had the run Bron has had in NXT being almost undefeated and winning the NXT championship twice he would definitely be in the top 10.

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Totally, it’s kayfabe and based on wins and losses. I don’t understand why this becomes a thing every year. Jade should be top five, maybe top three.

With Bron, it’s also that NXT didn’t travel (I think). The NWA and Impact titles were defended more places, more often and in front of bigger crowds

It’s really stupid that it’s based on Kayfabe wins and losses

That’s been Pro Wrestling Illustrated for their entire history.

Maybe I’m just used to it because I grew up on the PWI mags in the late-80s and 90s. If you didn’t I totally understand why it’s confusing


There are a bunch of other year end awards or recognition awards decided based on a bunch of other non-kayfabe factors.

There’s nothing wrong with this one list based on kayfabe. It’s supposed to be fun.

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