QT Marshall departing AEW


Was never a fan of his work in the ring but it’s obvious he did a lot backstage. Reading in between the lines to me says that AEW from 2019 to 2023 has become less a business and more Tony’s random play thing.

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Or… That’s his way of saving face to say he wasn’t being offered a new deal? Something like 60 people had deals that expired this year. So he’s probably in that boat. People are constantly saying they should trim the fat. That’s what this is.

Again, people making up a narrative is one of the biggest struggles for AEW’s perception.

Also… Literally everybody complained ANY time QT was given TV time. So now that he’s departing, suddenly it’s because AEW isn’t professional or something now?

Come on.


If a guy working in the company since its inception says it’s different and moving in a different direction, I tend to believe it. No reason for him to lie

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What’s the direction that’s the problem? Coming from a guy behind the most “sports entertainment” segments for years with QTV, it would be a good sign, I’d say.


If by “different direction,” he means less cringe-worthy segments featuring himself and a crew of under-utilized talent then by all means. Away we go.


It certainly seems that way… (I stumbled on this story, as I do not seek out Nick Hausman related stuff).

"Curiously, one of the reasons he listed for his AEW resignation was that he felt the company had changed since its inception in 2019 and was now moving in a new direction. Based on those I have spoken with close to Marshall, he was alluding to the fact he believes AEW is heading in a more NJPW-related direction that is more focused on matches than storytelling. When asking around about why Khan is going that way, one source told me flatly, “TK has always liked that style.”

Which is hilarious given that everybody being critical of AEW has been because they are straying too far from a sports-based presentation. Apparently QT is a fan of stuff like QTV I guess.

Why does “storytelling” immediately mean “the dumbest thing possible”? The Bloodline, MJF/Cole, Christian/Edge, Swerve/Hangman, etc. are all storytelling too. And I’d rather watch any of them than a random Vikingo TV match.

I’m not even saying QT is right, but your bad faith is showing.


I don’t even really care what the guy did on-screen. Never liked him. But when important backstage people just bounce it’s not a good sign. This is no different than when Arn or Malenko left WWE.

He’s also a Cody guy and the company has become worse since Cody jumped. One interesting reaction on Twitter was Ricky Starks - who I think is the next to go. And I don’t blame him

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I have absolutely zero issue with tropes in modern television wrestling storytelling. My favourite memories in wrestling are more or less centered on great storylines.

It just seems like so many people jumped to the conclusion that AEW was venturing “in a different direction” was somehow proof that QT didn’t like the supposed movement to MORE “sports entertainment”. When in reality, it seems to be the exact opposite reason he is leaving.

At the end of the day, I fully believe that QT’s gripe is that he will never be given an on-screen role as talent.

The direction he’s not a fan of is that he’s not featured.

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The misconception that NJPW “doesn’t do storytelling” is always my favorite. Okada-Tanahashi and Okada-Naito were like 7-year stories that featured some of the deepest storytelling I’ve ever seen in my whole life of watching this stuff.



It seems more to do with TV time for QT and less backstage skits as being his gripe.

AEW is not NJPW though with the main distinction being a Japanese audience and an American audience. The majority of American wrestling fans are not smart enough or patient enough for a 7 year story, that only takes place during in-ring action.

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Stories are good but the majority of the stories in AEW suck.

This crap with Ruby Soho and 2.0, the entire Skye Blue saga, MJF and Cole, the Bucks having temper tantrums, etc, etc.

All just bad acting and not believable.

This kind of thought process is always short sighted. It takes time to cultivate and teach an audience. This tournament AEW is doing is a perfect example of teaching an unfamiliar audience how a round-robin tournament works in wrestling. A lot of the audience might see losses in a vacuum this first tournament and not be able to appreciate situations like a rookie getting zero wins. The G1 and other japanese round-robin tournaments have the reputations they have because of years of history, and the first versions of their tournaments are always going to warrant a learning curve for the audience and performers.


Yeah it’s terrible isn’t it. Give me Alexa Bliss on a swing with a doll or Alpha academy shouting shush…now that’s storytelling

Those are trash and so is Ruby Soho getting flowers delivered to her during a match. Both can be true

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Whataboutism……the fact WWE has told shitty stories in the past has nothing to do with how good AEWs storytelling is right now. Poster didn’t even mention WWE.

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Yeah it’s complete trash but it could also be trying to find a place for those 2 after the breakup of Jericho appreciation and they may be another stable to do something on Rampage.

It’s not the main story. The MJF Cole story has been great but now meh. Swerve and Page has been awesome.

I agree there’s currently a few weird AEW stories…Miros flexible wife or whatever which I don’t care for but the main stories have been decent.

We don’t have people commenting negatively on everything WWE does but some seem to wanna hate on everything AEW. Just ignore the trash and fast forward like I do.

Enjoy the good stuff and comment on that for a change

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In the past…they are today. Why do people need to comment on c and D list feuds on AEW as if they are the main content while WWE is referred to as “hot” because of a single feud. Some of you just wanna hate on AEW and it’s a bit boring …. Just fast forward the shite. No ones making you watch it

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Nothing happens on WWE TV. And for people like me who fast-forward through the filler on the weekly TV, that’s somehow better.

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