Question about Ariel Helwani Prediction show

Hello All.
Sorry if this kind of post isn’t allowed. I heard it mentioned on Review A Raw this week that the Ariel Helwani prediction show isn’t happening this year. John said it’s already been addressed in a previous show. There was a kind of a pause then the cryptic answer of being too busy…can someone tell me what show they discussed this in?


I listened to Rewind a Raw but missed this being mentioned? I guess I also missed the other podcast where they talked about it. I’m surprised too they aren’t doing the predictions show considering how Ariel has talked about it being a tradition in the past.

Too bad. Was always a fun show

It was at the end of this weeks episode when they were doing the super chats. Which I also thought was weird because someone paid to ask that question and the answer was “we already addressed it”.

Anyway, I am probably just reading into it too much. Since I cant listen to everything I wasnt sure where it was previously addressed.

On Rewind-A-Raw John Pollock announced the predictions show comes out today (Tuesday January 30th)!