QUESTIONS: Dr. Alex Patel

Later this week, we will welcome Dr. Alex Patel back for another show and we take your questions at the end.

We will do our best to get to as many as we can, so post any questions you have for Dr. Patel in this thread.

If the US had the discussed 4-6 week lockdown, what would be the best option, for public health, in terms of who and how it could be broken?

As a grocery store worker, during the last lockdown, I left home nearly every day to go to work and was exposed to dozens, if not hundreds of people a day. People will still need food, esp over that sort of time frame but if the idea is to full stop, without considering economic factors, what would the best option be?

Curious from Alex’s perspective on the costs associated with ramping up capacity and facilities - one thing I’m somewhat surprised in is how it appears limited investment was made in preparing for this Winter. Did Toronto where he works do anything to prepare for a Second wave while things were moderate over the summer?

Also, his professional opinion of the WHO, and other studies like in NY where it appears lockdown increases transmission. What does he view as the tradeoff between rise in infection vs. trying to flatten the curve which is what I understand lockdowns are intended for.

Since lockdowns began around the world, there has been much discussion about the side effects of people spending more time at home such as increased suicide rates, domestic abuse, child abuse, and so on. “The cure is worse than the disease” and such.

What (if any) research/stats has been done to support or refute these claims, and what have the findings shown? Specifically in regards to increased suicide rates and domestic/child abuse.


Noah From Vaughan

Really appreciate you taking my question. As someone that has been wearing my mask/socially distancing and have not gathered in a large group in 8 months, its been getting really frustrating seeing the cases rising here in Ontario as much as it has these past few weeks. Luckily nobody I know has gotten it. My question is, Is the reason that cases have gone up due to pandemic fatigue? because after 8 months now it seems that people just don’t care about it anymore

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