QUESTIONS: NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 Preview & Primer

Whether you’re a longtime fan or someone who’s just stepping in, post your questions below for our NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 Preview & Primer. Questions will be accepted until Monday night.

*Tuesday – Wrestle Kingdom 12 Preview Show & New Japan primer for newer viewers (free show)
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I’m very much behind on my New Japan as I’ve just haven’t had the time recently, so my question is where does this card, in terms of build and overall expectations rank in comparison to previous Wrestle Kingdom shows ?

Alan Jones

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I’m going to list a few things I’ve often thought about in the last 6 months of becoming a NJPW regular. Some of it I assume you’ll cover in the course of discussion but here it is:

  1. History between Omega and Ibushi and why they are such a big deal in relation to one another
  2. What does it mean for a guy like Jay White to return and get the IC challenger slot? Who else do we see there that’s been a similar return
  3. We’ve seen guys move from Jr to Heavyweight but not so much on the tag side. The Bucks in paticular. What’s the tradition or norm been for such promotions in classes?
  4. In America booking can often parallels mercha sales. I keep thinking it would be so hard to tell the right story with the Bullet Club because of this - whether it’s OGs splitting from BTE or Cody and Omega having a real program. How important is merch compared to booking in Japan and does US merch impact their decision the way local merch will (where LIJ sells more)
  1. Are the only shows that matter the PPV? Is there a weekly NJPW version of Raw?

  2. What roles do fractions play? I’ve watched for a year, and with the exception of tag team matches, fractions don’t seem to have much weight as compared to WWE (i.e. no run in’s, minimal fraction style angles). The exception to this seems to be Suzuki-gun and Bullet Club (but only the ROH shows where a deal seems to be made about members coming and going (thinking Adam Cole)). Differently different philosophy then North American style booking.

  3. Are there shows that count more than others (like the WWE big 4)?


Do you think this is a one and done deal for Chris Jericho or could this lead to a match in the future say when njpw returns to the US?

Do you guys think an American “territory” of New Japan is possible?

Kenny Omega seems to be happy in NJPW and if I were him I think I’d stay, but is there any chance he winds up in WWE any time soon?

What would you guys like to see after Wrestle Kingdom for Omega and Naito (assuming he wins the belt)?

Really looking forward to your shows this week, and what should be an outstanding event.

It seems that Tanahashi is always working hurt, that seems to be the story of his career for the past few years. How much longer do you see Tanahashi going? I don’t want to see him retire as he still produces some of the best matches in the world but he seems to be hurt all the time.

What do you guys think Shibata would have been doing at this year’s show? I think he would have been challenging Tanahashi for the IC title, or defending it against Tanahashi or Ibushi maybe.

I’m a real newb when it comes to NJPW, mainly just watch specific matches that people mention. It would be great if during the primer to could do a quick overview of how NJPW runs, ie: do they do a weekly show? It is structured anything like how WWE shows its product? Are house shows treated any different? How do “young lions” work?

Thanks for doing this primer, later this evening I hope to subscribe to New Japan World.

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Given the fact that Naito is likely to be the de facto babyface and Okada has been acting more distinctly heelish in recent months, do you think a meaningful double-turn could be on the cards for the Main Event? Or will it be another case of Okada simply filling in as the de facto heel for the duration of the match only, with no long-term implications for his booking going forward?

Thanks for all your hard work and congratulations on the successful launch guys.

I was there last year. The whole week is awesome. Just like Mania lots of shows going on. That New Year Dash show the next day is hard ticket to get. I highly recommend it who ever can go they should.

Chris Jericho has developed a very “safe” style in the WWE. Do you expect him to wrestle a similar style, or do you think we’ll see him pull out some new stuff, being that he’s not so restrained in NJPW?

I will admit last year show was incredible. I am looking forward to seeing this year Wrestlekingdom. Give credit to the 4 guys at the top of the card. Okada, Naito, Jericho and Omega. Have been great leading up to Wrestlekingdom.

I feel like the sleeper match of the show is going to be Ibushi and Cody. Given how great a performer Ibushi is and how much of a tear Cody has been on in the last few months and being able to have such a great heel character, my question is how much time does this match get?

I second the POSTMaster. Also what promotions they have arrangements with (Like if you work for this promotion, you can work a WK or G1 show). I know RoH for sure, but I think they used to have one with Impact as well? It is somewhat confusing, but I think because its run more like a “Territory”?

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Has anyone tried the NJPW World app on Fire TV? Can you watch WK this way? I’m defintiely a casual NJPW fan, but want to get more invested.

NJPW newbie here. What can we expect from the New Year Dash show? Is it like a RAW after mania? How often does new japan put on live shows and is it worth keeping a sub after the month of January?

Hey guys, great job on POST wrestling, definitely going to keep the Patreon up, and will increase my support when you guys bring back the espresso level. My question is that how much of an influence does NJPW have on the way the Bullet Club is booked other promotions, whether in Ring of Honor or any indie groups…keep up the good work,
Richard in Winnipeg.

Yes sort off. They set up the next angles. The main guys are usually in 6 man matches. There is a surprise or two sometimes. I been a subscribers since day 2. Better than WWE Network. So much to see. I’d give up my network before I’d give up new japan world but that’s my opinion.

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