R truth child hood hero

so R Truth’s child hood hero is John Cena, even though Truth is 5 years older then Cena, makes total sense, but of course most of what Truth says is totally comical

Yup that is the joke. I mean it’s Truth, he talks nonsense that is his gimmick.

Yeah this is what’s called a joke. It’s a bit like when he mixes up Carmella and calls someone else other Carmella - he does know the real names. It’s just humour.

Telling ya, post concussion syndrome is his entire gimmick. K-Kwik took a chair shot to the noggin, and was never quite right again

R Truth is a first ballot HOFer juat based off his comedy.

A joke is something to make people laugh or cause amusement, usually most effective with a punchline. I’m sure there are more definitions, but this one should suffice.

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