Rank the money in the bank competitors

Every year, i try to figure out who is going to win the money in the bank match and i always rank the competitors based on how they are booked in the last few months before the event. So i thought it would be fun to write my thought about this years competitor and how i rank them and let other fans do the same.

So here how i see this year competitors for money in the bank from the less likely to win the the most likely

Men’s mitb

Ali: he lost so much momemtum since he got injured and he’s pretty much just there for the high spots.

Randy orton: pretty much just there because of his name.

Ricochet: babyface high flyer, with 2 babyface champions they won’t put him over and like ali, he’s just here for the high spots.

Finn balor: mid card name might get a shot but again with 2 babyface champ and with being on the same brand as reigns, i doubt he will win

braun strowman: this year won’t be the year of strowman, he a strongmen and will be there for the big man spots only

Andrade: might get a shot this year plus the fact that he got send back to smackdown on the request of fox means that he will be put in a top position by the year’s end.

Baron corbin: like it or not, wwe likes him and like pushing him as a top heel so i wouldn’t be surprise if he wins this

Drew mcintyre: this feel like the next program for rollins after he’s done with aj styles and they have been booking him to be a top heel on raw so for me, he’s the odds on favorite to win this.


Dana brooke: don’t even know why she’s in that match, i know that she had a couple of big victories on main event but let face it, nobody watch main event and i wouldn’t be surprise if she’s taken out before the match start,

Carmella: again nothing against her but she pretty much became a comedy act now and i don’t see them pushing her hard again.

Natalya: again another one that there mostly to make this match passable and help some of the others less experience performers to get through the match without getting injured.

Ember moon: nothing against her but never was a focal point of the company and this won’t change now

Alexa bliss: might get the win for a second time but with the fact that they are protecting her so much i don’t see her getting much in this match.

Noami: again she might have some chance of winning but she doesn’t have the company behind her right now so it’s a longshot

Bayley: right now for me, it’s between her and mandy as who will win this match. The only reason she might not get the win is if they don’t want to turn her.

Mandy rose: she the most logical choice at this point, she a great character and a pretty descent wrestlers, would cut some great promo with the briefcase and would be a breath of fresh air in a women’s division that quite frankly as been boring and predictable for a while now. Plus imagine how annoying corey graves will be if mandy wins.

So if i have my way, i would give the men’s briefcase to drew mcintyre and the women’s briefcase to mandy rose unless they take dana brooke out and replace her with sasha banks then sasha wins the briefcase and turn heel on becky after becky beats charlotte and become smackdown women’s champ.

I would love Bailey to win this one and I also think she’s going to. On the men’s side, I think Drew is the obvious choice. They completely missed their chance with Dana. She had two “moments” where the crowd was behind her for whatever reason during the last battles royal. I hope she doesn’t botch.

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I think all the heat Sasha has got herself in could be a blessing for bayley. She’s really the only one on the women’s side I can see. Drew or Andrade for the men. Has to be a heel winning and with the last two bust cash ins on the men’s side needs to be a good one.

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