RAR 1/14/19: Braun Strowman replaced at Rumble, New IC champion

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/01/15/rar-1-14-19-braun-strowman-replaced-at-rumble-new-ic-champion/


John Pollock and Wai Ting return to review WWE Raw from Memphis, Tennessee.

They chat about the changes to the Royal Rumble with Braun Strowman taken out of the Universal title match, a four-way to decide the new challenger, Nikki Cross wrestles on Raw, EC3, Lacey Evans and Heavy Machinery make cameos, Dean Ambrose defends the IC title in a three-way against Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins, Paul Heyman appears on “Moment of Bliss” and lots more.

NEWS OF THE DAY: Royal Rumble’s Universal title match is changed, WWE Network signs with Endeavor Streaming, Jerry Lawler announces contract renewal, injuries to Chris Sabin and Flip Gordon over the weekend, and more.

A reminder that the Royal Rumble Pool is open and you can submit your picks before the deadline on Sunday, January 27th at 3pm Eastern.

Plus your Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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Wai, when can I buy one of these sick looking Post Wrestling snapbacks???

John’s right - the Alexa video has 1.6m views currently - twice as many as the next most viewed clip from Raw :flushed:

Sex sells no matter how woke people pretend to be.

I’m not the biggest fan of Balor and I know he doesn’t have a personality but even I felt bad for him. He’s supposed to be a well known main eventer challenging for the title but he needed Cena to hype him up to the crowd. Made him look like a bitch.

As for the Alexa Bliss segment backstage, it will obviously get views but it is a cheap way to get views and doing too much of it will lead to people not taking her seriously. You continually do cheap things then you’ll start to being seen as cheap and they can’t complain if that happens.

There where no loud noises in her dressing room so how did she not hear a guy knock several times before opening the door? also did she not send him out to get a drink so she would have been listening for his return.

Either she wanted to get caught or they are trying to make her look stupid.