RAR 5/27/19: Third-Hour Death Penalty, Corbin #1 contender, Jon Moxley

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Raw from Kansas City, Missouri.

The show featured a Fatal Four-Way involving Baron Corbin, The Miz, Bobby Lashley & Braun Strowman to determine Seth Rollins’ opponent for the Super Showdown card, the introduction of The Electric Chair interview segment involving Sami Zayn, Lance Anoa’i faced off with Shane McMahon, The Usos’ Block Party featuring CORN HOLE, and a 31-minute opening to the show involving Boombox Brock, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, and Dolph Ziggler.


**Jon Moxley appearing at Sumo Hall next week for the final night of NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors, plus Moxley’s dates with Northeast Wrestling

**Starrcast III announced for Labor Day weekend

**News and notes coming out Double or Nothing

**Taka Michinoku out of the rest of the Best of the Super Juniors tournament due to injury

And your Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Photo Courtesy: WWE

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They let the fans go unscripted. And for 3 hours scripted the trained professionals.

Sami namechecks AEW, people talk about WWE namechecking AEW, people come to the conclusion namechecking is no big deal, people come to the conclusion AEW are no big deal…

Anyway, Ricochet/Cesaro and Sami/Seth were good matches as you’d expect and I enjoyed Boombox Brock.

Sorta annoyed at the new Becky finisher coming at this point. This should have come at Wrestlemania to let her pin Rousey. That would have been a much better finish to that match, and had Rousey not tap out which seems to be what they wanted to avoid.

Something you guys said about the AEW media scrums, it’s what got me more interested in UFC and a fan of Ariel Helwani. It was very refreshing to see that and all the various stories wrestling media were able to stretch over the weekend

It’s John Cusack holding up the boom box in “Say Anything”, not Judd Nelson. Other than that, great show.


  • The show is still absolute trash despite glimpses of content that’s watchable like Cesaro vs Ricochet
  • I like the Corbin push as one of the few people who genuinely enjoy the character still. Just drop the chin locks and his moveset and look are great
  • Bray Wyatt has now gone two weeks past the point of caring for me. He’s officially at Elias and Fashion Files level of importance. You killed another gimmick by dragging it out forever…good job WWE.
  • Bring back the brand split…I beg of you.
  • So glad I don’t watch these shows…even the 20 minute youtube highlights at 2x speed are tough to sit through.

Watching it as a sport entertainment show and not a wrestling show as many other seemed to look at it, i didn’t mind it as much. Stuff that i loved, the whole lesnar tease they did during the night especially the opening segment with the new boombox modification to the briefcase and lesnar actually looking like he had fun for once. Heyman’s and lesnar’s promos where awesome and made me laugh when lesnar slap heyman after he inform him that he had a year for catching it.

The uso’s tailgate party segments were really good as well, love seeing the revival and the uso’s trying to be friends by having a friendly game of cornhold.

R-truth was still funny as the 24/7 champ so i’m still not bored with that.

The firefly fun house vignette was descent but they really need to have them payoff soon,

As far as in ring action is concern, nothing too memorable this week. I feel like this show was more about the talking and comedy segment which where all really good and less about the wrestling which was a afterthought on this.

The biggest thing that bugged me on this show, the 4 way elimination match, i know they tried to explain this when corbin won but how can lashley and strowman eliminate each other by fighting outside the ring in a match that has no count out? It made no sense.

Hey, can anyone tell me the referee in the main event of raw? Is he from nxt? Is he new to the main roster? He was prevalent on raw and just wobdering.

The Nikki Cross “stare” did not make the YouTube edit, so I assume that was totally incidental, as surely you’d want that moment on all your platforms.

The AEW mention was also cut for YouTube for what it’s worth.

I look forward to Wai Ting suddenly proclaiming ‘This is my life!’ during an upcoming podcast. John planted the seed, it’s only a matter of time now.