RAR 5/6/19: Wild Card Rule, Ucey Hot, Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan

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Wai Ting and upNXT’s Davie Portman review WWE Raw from Cincinatti, Ohio.

Vince McMahon institutes a new “Wild Card Rule” allowing a set number of Raw and SmackDown stars to jump brands. SmackDown’s Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan and Lars Sullivan appear. SmackDown’s Shane McMahon and Elias also appear (but they don’t really count). The Usos continue humiliating The Revival by engineering the shockingly-effective Ucey Hot. Sami Zayn is thrown into a dumpster.


  • The XFL announces its broadcast deals with Disney and Fox
  • NXT TakeOver: XXV takes place from Bridgeport, CT on June 1st
  • AEW announces rules for Double or Nothing’s “Casino Battle Royal”
  • New SmackDown Tag Team Champions to be crowned Tuesday

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I live next to Bridgeport, Davey should not a life offending the city…it is awful. Not really a destination to advertise. :joy::joy::joy:

Did anyone else notice some spliced footage in the Firefly Funhouse segment.

I think regarding Lars, I think he intimidated Vince into making it 4 people who can turn up on either show

I loved the point that davey made about NXT. How they depend so much on indy talent that they and how over they are that they forget to help that they need to help them with promos and how the home grown talents are more well rounded then the indy guys.

I think that sometimes, they forget that they are a developmental territories and get to wrap up with the success the brand as with the NXT crowd that that theses indy stars still need some coaching to help them get to the next level and open their entertainer side of their character. I always say that WWE is entertainment company with wrestling in the background and to make a connection with the wwe crowd, you need to stand out from the pack which is not the case for a lot of indy guys joining nxt.