Probably won’t happen. But would love to see Paul Ellering manage Gallows and Anderson.

They need to so much quality early stuff on there.

Your Braun strowman’s next tag-team partner??

Glad to see Jeff hardy’ back and that he’s being kept away from Matt hardy for a while

Some guy that was involved in a Vince head shaving might show up.

Well I hope you don’t mean Donald trump! Lol that would be politically awkward for wwe

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Did Samoa Joe hit a sore spot for Roman Reigns?

Isn’t Trump in Florida :joy:

Never say never. Anything can happen in the WWE.

I don’t watch impact wrestling but aren’t EC3 and Bobby Lashley wrestling on there weekly taped show still?

Might be an Ellering decision. From what I’ve read he doesn’t like going on the road and only did nxt tv tapings. Dude is old as dirt

He could still kick braden Harrington’s ass if he keeps talking smack about him on up nxt lol

Easily the worst Raw after Mania since I started watching again. The call ups were kinda cool I guess but they all had nothing matches, Ember was the only one that really got to show off. The Steph and Ronda thing was awesome. Otherwise this could have been a random Raw in September.


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They did won the raw tag title last year and we’re a major part of the roster during their first year, but since they lost the belt, they’ve been lost in the shuffle with everybody else in the tag division.

I actually watched this full episode of RAW, which is a rarity for me. It convinced me that I’m usually right not to bother. Really underwhelming show overall.

Easily the best Raw after Mania since Mania 29.

Past ones have featured the crowd just being assholes and chanting sexist things at the women, so this was a welcome change. Fans were into everything, and it was a great show.

There’s a shake up next week, they couldn’t throw everything out there. Think a lot of people look back at past Raw after Manias with rose colored glasses.

It felt like every segment was to introduce a call-up or an injury return. It was a very busy night for sure. One thing that annoyed me was that I was so interested in seeing Jeff Hardy return as Brother Nero and they teased it in the promo with Matt, Bray, Seth, and Finn back stage but it was clear this was “vanilla” Jeff (as vanilla as Jeff can be)

Probably one of the worst raw after mania I’ve seen in a long time. Every segment in the first 2 hours was to introduce either a called up from NXT, a return from injury or a new wrestler which meant that not one of theses new faces had a impact at the end of the whole night. The last hour was just boring.

If they would have scaled back on the introduction and just did the called up or the returns, it would have been a better show but this was just a dumb show that didn’t help anybody get over.