If your not exhausted from profession wrestling by this point and you’ve got the Wrestlemania blues come chat on the forum

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Any returns or surprises your hoping for? have heard Bobby Lashley is waiting backstage

My hope is that they are gentle with the surprises until after the brand shakeup is settled.

Hopefully few nxt call ups too

Well at least we know the brand shake up doesn’t start until next week. Up till now I’ve heard it wouldn’t be until Backlash.

Good for Ember Moon

Nicholas is more over as a baby face in one day than Roman Reigns after a 4+ year push


Hey! No Way Jose! Nice, I’ve been wondering where he got off to. I’m worried he’ll end up like Tye Dillanger, but still, good for him.

I’m happy for Ember Moon to be called up.

No way Jose I wish him the best of luck but… I feel especially with the ppvs being joint raw and smackdown this guys just gunna get lost

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Why did ember moon have to pin Alexa with mickey James there come on man!

No Way Jose is going to dance his way into the Adam Rose future endeavor Mardi Gras boat

I hear TNA is hiring!



Ha! I wonder what happened to that guy

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Wow, Kurt Angle just said that :flushed: Never thought I would hear those letters on WWE TV.

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Karl Anderson and doc gallows surely can’t be happy with there roles in the company, they have done nothing in the two years they’ve been with the company I can’t think of anything at all.

Pretty interesting rumor floating around right now for raw.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they quietly acquired the library. Didn’t they use still photos from TNA last night in AJ’s video? and with JJ now under their fold again, and Dixie participated in the Kurt doc. Honestly TNA isn’t even their second nearest competition.

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Is anyone allowed to have a manager on this program? The AOP just dumped Paul Ellering