Raw Discussion 10-8-18

Is this a Lashley/Owens double turn? I so enjoy Lio Rush on the mic, he’s a jerk and I love it

I really hope so. It is a good change for both as they are both pretty stale at the moment

I hope crowds play along with Elias on the cheap heat, and smart playing Ronda’s music to guarantee a big response

You couldn’t do 2 turns in Australia so the other happened tonight

Ronda driven into steel steps

Cole: Right into the post

Graves: into the steel steps

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Don’t worry, Brie will come out as a face on smackdown tomorrow.

Maybe it’s my audio, but it sounds like the crowd is booing everything?

DX didn’t seem that over. I think a large portion of the audience thinks this is just sad at this point.

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It is sad. Their reunion in 2009/2010 was a letdown and now it’s even lamer. WWE has basically become what they mocked WCW for in their Billionaire Ted skits. A promotion that puts older timers on top of the card. The crowd did react big to the Lashley heel turn though. Hopefully, he can climb his way to the top of the card as a cocky main event heel.

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I think Owens will remain the same but perhaps he will accept being cheered like Becky. That’s how I see his change of positioning.

I honestly think if Owens turn face he will be the most over face in the company and we will have another Daniel Bryan situation again. I think Vince knows this as well and fears having another guy who looks like shit be this over. He might just keep him heel so we won’t have another situation like that ever again.