Raw Live Thread 4-22-19

Not the feedback thread

Bryan Alvarez tweeted The Raw script was finished 4 minutes before showtime. The show starts with the announce crew detailing who fighting for the #1 contender yet Rollins doesn’t know who’s challenging him. Brutal man

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The announcers ruined that whole segment. Call the matches. Stop telling us everything. Show us.

That Ariana Grande joke was funny

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This show with this commentary is hard to stomach.

Corey Graves who is on both shows groaning over Naomi coming to Raw and acting like he had to deal with it there, when he’s in a spot to deal with it anywhere, is as dumb as it sounds writing this.


They really couldn’t give cedric the win? Really? Vince can’t book anyone slightly underweight. Cesaro could take the loss. It already typecasts the 205 live guys as losers. Ali is losing on sd live. Buddy murphy better bot lose his debut too! Im exasperated.

Cesaro not getting a spot for the title because Vince knows he’ll be hot like wildfire. He’s the next Kofi when given a chance.

Also, I’m here for the new Robert Rose. Vintage. Like it.

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Wtf. Firefly funhouse. That was as bad as it gets

Just two points for… whatever that was.

  • I believe this will dawn the phrase ‘Creative has something worse for you.’

  • Using a chainsaw on a cardboard cutout is ok, but having a team with war in the name… well that’s a bridge too far.

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People talked about the Bray Wyatt gimmick getting old and stale and his character needing to be changed. It gets changed and people shit on it. Give it a chance people!

Rooting for the Bray thing to be good. WWE needs more weird shit that actually works. But my first impression is that this gimmick already has one foot in the “Vince didn’t get it” graveyard.

Loved the Bray thing, now they just need to follow up and keep it interesting. The spooky Wyatt character was beyond stale and never won, so this gives him a chance to start somewhat fresh.

Why does Alicia Fox still have a job? She’s one of the worst talents they have ever kept employed for this long.

Liked the Robert Roode makeover, but why sacrifice Ricochet to him? They have a billion other guys that could lose to him, why job out someone with promise?

The announcers tonight were just brutal. Had to mute during the Cedric/Cesaro match because they were taking away from it.

I can understand sitting through 2 hours and 30 minutes of Raw and not liking the Bray skit, but I left at 9 last night and just saw the skit. It was fantastic, the gloves obviously play a factor on if he’s evil again but I loved it. Again I can totally understand if someone just saw Ricochet losing and being in a sour mood going in