Raw Questions May 6, 2019

  • What unfinished business did Roman have for showing up?

  • Why did Vince go from being angry SD guys showed up on RAW to coming up with the Wildcard rule in the same segment?

  • Who was Styles referring to as bringing people over from Smackdown? Aren’t Gallows and Anderson already on RAW or did they already get switched back? Or are they Wildcards?

  • Why bring over stars from a show with shitty ratings (SD) if you’re trying to grow an audience?

  • Is Sami Zayn dead?

  • Why are Hawkins and Ryder the tag champs? Why do the tag champs lose in 2 minutes?

  • So is it four wildcard people every show or three? Why bother telling us it’s three only to make it four like an hour later?

  • Why have Reigns and Drew have a 15-minute meaningless match that ends in DQ? Is this why Reigns showed up? Couldn’t all the stuff after the match been done on SD? Does Elias count as a Wildcard? What about Shane?

  • Did anyone react to the Usos thing? The crowd was dead

Is this your application for WWE’s open “Storyline Continuity” position? :rofl:


One guy here did

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