RAW Season Premier (9/30/19) Live Thread (spoilers!)

First and foremost, a Raw without Corey Graves and a Raw with Pyro feels infinitely more important. The stars feel like stars (I.e Becky).

Early prediction - Brock wins Universal Title and heads to Smackdown to try and become WWE Champion. (This keeps Bray away from the title and he can beat Seth or something).

I’m loving the episode so far. Fast paced, good wrestling, and some great surprises. Still not sure about the announcing team yet. I like Vic Joseph. Not sure about Dio Madden yet.

Is Flair drunk?!

Are they setting up a Saudi Arabia match?

What am I watching :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

Jerry Lawler is terrible. When he did those first Smackdown Lives with Mauro I felt like he respected Mauro and played along. He is all over this broadcast. He didn’t know Seth’s music

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It went off the rails quickly for sure!

Did Ric Flair win a world title over the weekend? The screen on the stage had him as a 17 time world champion.

Rusev going from Maria’s baby daddy to world title contender is a plot twist. Loved the first hour. The last 30 minutes have been a train wreck.

Otis was super over. Flair not sure if he went alittle off script but he was over the top as usual i did however enjoy Orton coming out. Not overly excited for the main event, seems pretty predictable. Lesnars attack was friggin awesome.

Missed opportunity for Jimmy the Mouth being a FIEND victim


AJ and Cedric lit it up. The bodyslam into the deathdrop was nicely delivered.