Raw Thread 12-17-18

This is not the feedback thread they’ll be posted later, just wanted to get some live thoughts.

The McMahon’s just played the audience for fools. I get Baron being the scapegoat but who put Baron in that prominent role?

This is the complete opposite of “fresh and new”. We got the same exact thing last night, four babyfaces pounding on a heel. So repetitive and irrational.

Completely agree. They got me again I was kinda excited come 8:00 and “fresh” is not what we got in any way. Zero mentions of what will be new in any way re:story, format, etc. Zero accountability save for heaping the blame onto your story GM. As previously mentioned just a repeat of last nights 5 on 1 match to start things off followed by the “fresh” face of Dolph Ziggler!? The only person worse that could have come out to open this segment would have been Jinder Mahal. Same terrible comentary noting Apollo Crews as one of the fastest rising stars in the company?! Both matches formulaic with entrances followed by 90 seconds of wrestling until somebody gets knocked to the floor for a commercial break. Keeping it “fresh” with a Drew Mcintyre run in that nobody saw coming smh. Made it until almost 9:00 when I saw Dean Ambrose line up with 2 men in gas masks (so this gimmick isn’t going anywhere) and I turned on Netflix. I’m not gonna sit around for 2 more hours waiting to see Lars Sullivans debut or Bray Wyatts latest reboot that’ll be fodder for their weekend pretapes. Looking forward to keeping up as usual with John and Wai’s regular recap Tuesday morning. This is like rebranding Diet Coke with Coke Zero. What’s the F’n difference!?!

Lars, EC3, Heavy Machinery, Lacey Evans and Nikki Cross get the callup

We’re getting some call up and 4 out of the 6 aren’t ready for a call up and will tank when they get call up. Only EC3 AND Nikki cross makes sense as far as call up are concern


K.o. and Sami returning soon. Best news all night.

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I can’t believe people seriously thought that they’d get something major out of a basic filler show. No major shit will happen until at least January 7. Those next 2 weeks are the absolute least important in the schedule for WWE every year. Hell, the annual December 26 MSG show is more important than the next few weeks of WWE TV.

I think the major change is more babyface wins since they said we will listen to you. Anybody who gets cheered will be pushed.

Tyler Breeze got a great reaction from 200 people when he made his recent surprise appearance at Full Sail. Unfortunately, he got the same thing on Monday… a great reaction from 200 people.