Raw's 25th anniversary does highest number since 2015

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/01/23/raws-25th-anniversary-does-highest-number-since-2015/

Monday’s 25th Anniversary edition of Raw saw the program’s highest viewership in almost three-years.

The show lasted a total of 3 hours and 17 minutes with an approximate average viewership of 4,500,000 on the USA Network, which is their highest mark since the night after WrestleMania 31 in March 2015.

The first hour drew a huge viewership with 4,803,000 viewers, including a 20-minute opening segment involving The McMahon family and Steve Austin.

The second hour saw a drop down to 4,641,000 viewers and the third hour dropped almost 500,000 viewers to an average of 4,147,000.

The 13.6% drop from the first hour to the third hour would indicate that interest for the show was huge, but the show had a notable tune out factor and they were unsuccessful in maintaining that audience throughout the show.

This will likely be the most-watched episode of Raw all year and perhaps longer. This number was significantly higher than the most-watched episode of Raw in 2017, which was the night after WrestleMania 33 and did 3.77 million viewers that night.

And they decided to give us THAT show.

I’m going to use arm chair arm dragging here…every quarterly hour would be a legend, then I throw in my hottest acts.

Braun and Brock would have sit down interviews in hours 1 and 2…then book the big showdown without all the roster just standing there looking dumb.

If I was using the women in a big tag match. …I would’ve asked if any of the women they brought in for this show wanted to work…then keep harping on how many of these “legends” could show up in the women’s Rumble.

Reigns and Miz were perfect…wouldn’t change a thing.

Would’ve left the Bar off the show, used them at the Manhatten centre against the Dudleys and maybe the crowd wouldn’t have acted like spoiled kids. Or even booked guys in a battle royal in the Manhatten centre.

I feel like the Barclays crowd wouldn’t have been so vocal of they had to see a few segments on the tron, if they had both places with equal time and used dark matches to keep the crowd entertained, show would’ve been met with better reactions.

It’s an absolute shame. This was a show where you could have easily used legends to introduce lapsed fans to new people just in time for the Rumble. Instead you’ve got a show where essentially anyone who enjoyed it is going to be disappointed when they recognize absolutely nobody next week on RAW (if they even bother to tune in)