Reika Saiki formally announces her retirement from pro wrestling, ceremony set for 5/3

Originally published at Reika Saiki formally announces her retirement from pro wrestling

Reika Saiki has not wrestled since 2019.

Former Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling talent Reika Saiki took to social media to announce that she is choosing to retire from professional wrestling. Reika has not been active in the ring since August of 2019. She wrestled in a match for Actwres girl’Z and suffered a fractured jaw.

She was a bodybuilder but noted that she’ll be stepping away from that as well. Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling has plans in place to hold a retirement ceremony for her on May 3rd at Korakuen Hall.

— 才木 玲佳 Reika Saiki (@saikireika) March 26, 2022

Her jaw injury healed completely and she received offers to return to in-ring competition, but ultimately decided that it would be best to move on. She wants to give acting a shot and as far as why she is choosing to step away from bodybuilding, she wants to expand her range of work without it being tied to what her muscles look like.