René Duprée & Sylvain Grenier planning La Résistance reunion tour

Originally published at René Duprée & Sylvain Grenier planning La Résistance reunion tour

La Résistance are planning to get back together.

In 2003, Sylvain Grenier and René Duprée made their arrivals to WWE’s main talent roster and were soon recognized as La Résistance. They became World Tag Team Champions two months after their collective debuts. At the time, Duprée was 19 years of age and Sylvain was 26.

Rob Conway was later added to the group and their collective time together in WWE came to an end in 2007 when they were all released from their contracts. Different variations of the group teamed up on the independents in the following years and according to Duprée, he and Sylvain are planning to reunite.

On his Café De René podcast, Dupree shared that he has been in contact with Grenier and they are planning on getting a permit so they can head over to the U.S. and do a La Résistance tour.

We’ve reconnected . I talk to him about once a month, and we’re working on getting a permit for the United States and touring around doing a Résistance tour.

Prior to the pandemic, René had been working with Pro Wrestling NOAH. He stated that he will be returning to the promotion at some point.

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