REPORT: Gable Steveson released from WWE

Yup you are right. A lot of it is based on the hype people like Dave put on him and I am not aware of the rape stuff until now. Looks bad. Probably explains it

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Not all great athletes are great performers. In their specific sport? Yes, they’ll be great performers! But not all great athletes have the ability, charisma, or capability to be entertaining and do that in a pro wrestling venue, and entertaining and acting are key to wrestling. You allow people to show if they can pair elite athletic performance while performing as an entertainer. If they can’t or don’t improve, it is what it is.

Obviously, WWE/TKO didn’t think he’d turn into anything that they could use creatively or to help financially. So it goes.

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McMahon would of done something.
Fired out od spite and lack of creativity