REPORT: Gable Steveson released from WWE

Originally published at REPORT: Gable Steveson released from WWE

Per report, Gable Steveson is gone from WWE. 

On May 3rd, a total of 10 names were released from WWE and that list was confirmed to POST Wrestling. The likes of Drew Gulak, Vlad Pavlenko, Valentina Feroz, Trey Bearhil, Julian Baldi, Emma Diaz, Darrell Mason, Keyshawn LeFlore, Ezekiel Balogun and Kiyah Saint were cut. 

According to F4WOnline’s Dave Meltzer, NCAA Division I champion Gable Steveson was let go from the company as well. Steveson has been signed to WWE for several years and in the earlier portion of 2024, he worked dark matches prior to Friday Night SmackDown. 

In April, Steveson appeared on Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson’s podcast and stated that he liked where he was at and was trying to find himself as a pro wrestler. 

Steveson’s brother Damon Kemp is currently a member of the NXT roster as a part of the No Quarter Catch Crew stable. 

The 23-year-old Steveson was last in action in early February.

Not in it for the grind. Wasnt he the future superstar?

I am stunned. He was the future.

Tony will be grabbing him immediately

Seems like the guy had plenty of time/opportunity to get better and presumably didn’t. WWE’s biggest mistake was anointing him so publicly (and multiple times, at that). It’s like Kurt Angle made them forget Ken Patera, Bad News Brown, Ted Arcidi, Mark Henry, Ronda Rousey… still not easy for a world-class athlete to become a pro wrestler.

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No. He wasn’t. And probably not.

I know Dave really likes him, but I think he’s wrong about him.

Kurt Angle was the outlier.

I don’t think AEW will be interested but maybe after a year in the indies why not…if he shows progress.

I feel for people when they get called the “future” before they’ve even taken their training wheels off.

We see if all the time in football. Someone scores a single goal and next they’re being pitched at the key to winning the World Cup. Fast forward 5 years and they’re in League 2 playing for Tranmere rovers

I always knew this guy didnt have it. He has never shown a single ounce of any kind of potential. Finally a smart move by WWE getting rid of this waste.

I think he goes to AEW. Tony would love to trout him out and have him work good. You don’t need mic and charisma to the same degree in AEW

Generally, the talent that gets over in AEW who lack mic skills, get over because of exceptional in ring ability… Gable hasn’t exactly shown that.

Surprised some of you see Steveson carrying on in wrestling post-WWE. I don’t see it happening personally.

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I don’t know if he would win, but I would sue for this.

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I thought he had some potential but still needed a lot of work. TKO probably looked at his salary and the fact that they weren’t doing anything with him and it was an easy decision.


Wow HHH!
Couldn’t even just throw him to main roster under Chad Gable and see how that played out? Or is Gable just too doofy?

He is the only person right now (outside of MJF) that has the pot rtjal to be the biggest star in the world.

Hes the best wrestler to ever enter WWE and has a cool look and story.

If used correctly and developed the sky was and I think still is the limit

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They weren’t paying him what they were paying him to be in alpha academy. Vince likely saw an angle/lesnar type trajectory in him, and when/if the new team realized it wasn’t happening, they cut him. That’s my guess.

Why do you say this about him? I’ve never seen anything extraordinary about him, granted I didn’t see any of his NXT work.

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Google “Gable Steveson story” to see how much “cool” info pops up


Kurt Angle has a comparable if not better amateur record.

Look, I get that Dave was really high on Gable - so I think you’re allowing that to put his potential into a certain light. However, nothing you’re saying have come through for the years he’s been under contract. He isn’t Kurt, he isn’t Brock.

Not every amateur wrestler, despite their successes, can translate to professional wrestling.

Additionally, Gable (rightfully) carries a ton of baggage. He got away with rape due to legal loopholes. And for a company being accused of being involved with sex trafficking, there is no way they’d want him attached.