REPORT: Jimmy Wang Yang opts to move on from WWE producer position

Originally published at REPORT: Jimmy Wang Yang opts to move on from WWE producer position

** UPDATE **

I don't particularly appreciate seeing this narrative saying that I quit. It takes A LOT for me to quit anything. Almost a month ago, @WWE chose not to move forward with me being a producer, and I was perfectly fine with their decision. #idontthinkyouseenthelastofme

— james yun (@akioyang) December 29, 2021


Jimmy Wang Yang’s stint as a WWE producer has concluded.

Jimmy Wang Yang returned to the WWE as a producer several months ago. He was on a trial run with the company and according to PWInsider, Yang has decided that the position is not for him and has opted to move on.

He started the tryout in October.

Wang Yang had several runs with WWE and his first was in 2001 and he was assigned to their then-developmental territory but was released the following year. He returned in 2003 and wrapped up with the company in 2005. His second return run was from 2006 to 2010.

Jimmy did appear on the post-Survivor Series episode of Raw in Brooklyn, New York and he held back Seth Rollins after a fan jumped the guardrail and ambushed Rollins.

Wonder if he wants to send more time on the road with his daughter Jazzy. She’s talented -very much so. But I believe she’s like 18. So I’d be master of mixed tags if that were me.