REPORT: Matt Hardy's AEW contract expires

Originally published at REPORT: Matt Hardy's AEW contract expires

His deal with AEW is up. 

On his weekly podcast, Matt Hardy provided updates on his contract status with All Elite Wrestling. He shared that he had a new contract offer and would be mulling over what his next move would be. 

Per Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, Hardy opted to enter free agency. 

Matt Hardy is officially a free agent, Fightful Select has learned.

He’d been in talks to remain with AEW, but his contract expired at midnight and he’s said he chose to not sign a deal offered to him.

Matt arrived to AEW in 2020. Jeff Hardy joined All Elite Wrestling in 2022 and is still with the company. 

Oh no, please don’t go…

Seriously though, it’s a shame that Jeff couldn’t stay straight for an extra week, when they were planned to win the tag titles.

The lack of success for the Hardy’s in the last decade only have themselves to blame.


Life imitating art.

What a terrible run for him in AEW. TK tried with the Hardy’s but there just isn’t much left to squeeze

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At this point, a run in TNA may be the best place for them. They can do their creative stuff, be big fish in a small pond, and be celebrated in a place that has history for them.

Of course, WWE is a possibility… but I don’t see whatever they would offer in terms of position and pull would be what the Hardy’s would be after.


Anyone remember the Hardy Family Office… or are we all trying to forget it?

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I’ll bet you my quarterly salary that nobody remembers :joy: