REPORT: Mike Rotunda released from WWE

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WWE made cutbacks today and as a part of those cuts, longtime WWE road agent Mike Rotunda was released from WWE, per PWInsider. The former multi-time WWF Tag Team Champion was furloughed back in April. Rotunda was announced for an episode of The Bump on April 14th and just hours later, it became public that he was furloughed from the company.

Mike Rotunda, 62, became a road agent for WWE in 2006 and has worked with the company since then. Rotunda sporadically appeared on WWE programming over the years on special editions of RAW and SmackDown.

Rotunda is the father of former NXT Champion Bo Dallas and former Universal Champion Bray Wyatt. Rotunda, also known as “IRS” opened up a Pro Wrestling Tees store in April after being furloughed from WWE.

POST Wrestling created a list of names that were affected by WWE’s mass cuts and furloughs and to view that list, click here.

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There are now THREE guarantees in life: death, taxes, and an unceremonious dismissal from WWE.

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Maybe he can now achieve his dream of working for the IRS and making the deceased pay their taxes, just like 1994.

Death, taxes, and release certainly.

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This saddens me. I mean is there any loyalty in the WWE. There is no loyalty in WWE. This sucks.

Mike Rotunda has been on-and-off the WWE payroll since 1984 and was never a draw. I have all the respect in the world for guys like that – the wrestling business as we know it wouldn’t exist without guys who are happy and willing to spend a career as a supporting act – but from a business standpoint, WWE doesn’t owe him a thing.

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Agree to disagree there

Rotunda has surely made millions working for Vince, and even his family got jobs in the business. It’s one thing to have a chip on your shoulder and want to prove you can still be a valuable commodity (that’s natural), but he’s got nothing to be upset about.

On a side note, if AEW could bring him in even for a cameo appearance to “audit” the Dark Order or something… that would be one WWE crossover talent that I would NOT complain about. I loved the IRS gimmick.

So, we can expect an audit of the WWE to be announced in the next week or so? Never piss of I.R.S.
But in all seriousness, would it be that difficult to give these long time employees a “golden handshake” retirement?

What is wrong with management? Why are they giving their talent roster away?

It’s almost like they’re giving their guys to AEW, and, to a lesser extent, Impact Wrestling.

Boggles the mind.

I dont think thats what they are doing, but to be fair, what did that do for Impact. AEW needs to be careful signing so many people that WWE cut.

Because all they care about is pleasing shareholders. That’s it. That is the number one priority. Cutting costs like this increase profit, which is the main goal.

You can’t run a wrestling promotion without wrestlers.

Then again, WCW had wrestlers, bookers, and a lot of luck, yet they didn’t finish the job.

They’re not wrestlers, they’re superstars PAL.

(Totally agree with you, WWE is a mess)

Agree or not, I am a WWE mark. Sorry.

I just hope they don’t fire Foley or Regal. That would be a profound blow to themselves.

Does Foley even have a role with the company? Other than a legends deal?