REPORT: Mike Santana no longer with AEW

Originally published at REPORT: Mike Santana no longer with AEW

Mike Santana has finished up with AEW with the company removing his profile from its roster page.

It was noted that Santana’s profile had been removed with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful confirming that the performer is no longer with AEW.

Santana – real name Mike Draztik – signed with AEW in 2019 alongside former tag partner Ortiz, who had been wrestling as LAX. The duo had been four-time IMPACT Wrestling tag champions.

LAX made their debut in AEW at the All Out pay-per-view in August 2019 and joined Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle alongside Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager.

The two were involved in several key matches in the infancy of AEW including the first-ever Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing in May 2020 and a Parking Lot Fight against Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor in September 2020.

In 2021, they were part of another Stadium Stampede match, and the first Blood & Guts match with The Inner Circle against The Pinnacle.

In 2022, Santana was part of the first Anarchy in the Arena after The Inner Circle had disbanded, and Santana & Ortiz were opposing the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Santana suffered a serious knee injury in June 2022 during another Blood & Guts and was out of action for over a year.

He returned in 2022 for a feud with former partner Ortiz after the two had a legitimate falling out and stopped teaming together. It culminated with Santana beating Ortiz in a No DQ match last October on an episode of Rampage.

Santana has not wrestled for AEW since the match with Ortiz and has been wrestling on various independents and became the House of Glory champion last December when he beat Matt Cardona.

He recently shared that he has been sober for the past year.


— Mike SANTANA🇵🇷 (@Santana_Proud) February 16, 2024

I wanted him pushed so badly.

One day the story of why this never worked out will come out

Wasted talent. He should have been pushed as a main event talent by now. He has it all.


Unless of an NDA :rofl:

Yup you are right. Jericho was involved

Santana recently celebrated one year of sobriety, and physically is doing better than he has done in years.

I hope he’s able to show people what he is capable of on the Indies. Would have loved to have seen him get a run in ROH.

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Was a MASSIVE fan of LAX and it’s a huge shame to me they never got a run. Although I know that team is completely over I am interested to see where he goes next, maybe another TNA run??

Hey, you just had him work in C4 this past month. I still need to see that show. How was he to work with?

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He did.

He’s always been awesome. He used to come up during the Team Pazuzu / EYFBO days. He’s hopefully coming back up sooner than later.

I’m trying not to get too inside baseball here - but this news is a surprise to me, because it was a completely different story than I was told two weeks ago.

I’m sure he lands on his feet, and I know he was looking to kill it during his matches on Mania weekend shots.


I’ll tell you the story. This guy is mediocre at best. Cuts an ok promo and thats about it. Hes a tag guy at best and LAX was severely overrated.

No big loss in my opinion.

He sucks and we’re really seeing now how much this guy overrates himself. He has little to no buzz. Blue Kane is more relevant.

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