Report: Rob Gronkowski signs with WWE, set to appear on March 20 SmackDown

I’d like to see him get tackled mid game and have the ref quickly count in favor of the opposing player. It would never happen but it would be funny.

And nothing of value was lost

R-Truth runs on the field. Security goes to tackle him. An official talks to security. He schoolboys Gronk to win the title. Vince creams himself seeing WWE mentioned on evening News and the NFL.

WWE spends a ton of money on a guy and immediately has to re-structure how they planned to use him, and the Patriots get an extra draft pick in exchange for a guy who wasn’t even on their 53-man roster. That sentence sums up pretty much everything you need to know about both of those organizations right now.

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From my understanding, Gronk didnt want to play on the Pats anymore given how grueling it can be to play there, but always wanted to play again with Tom Brady. Gronk signed with the WWE on I believe March 11th, Tom Brady signed with TB on I believe March 20th.

Honestly, I think things kind of worked out perfectly. WWE got Gronk to host mania which was what they wanted (sure in front of no fans was not the same) and now he goes back to play football with Brady. I dont think many fans were really looking forward to him getting in the ring.