REPORT: Stu Bennett to be on commentary for 8/26 edition of NXT

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The 8/26 episode of NXT on the USA Network will see the fallout from NXT TakeOver: XXX that concluded with Karrion Kross defeating Keith Lee to become NXT Champion. Per Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, the show will also feature former multi-time WWE Intercontinental Champion Stu Bennett on commentary.

Sources told the site that for now, this is just a one-time appearance and Bennett has not signed a deal to return to the company. Over the past several years, Bennett has done commentary for the World of Sport reboot on ITV and most recently, he was the commentator for the National Wrestling Alliance.

Bennett went on a press tour this Summer to promote the ‘I Am Vengeance: Retaliation’ film that he stars in and during that tour, he stated in several interviews that he was not aware of when the NWA would be running shows again. Bennett told POST Wrestling in an exclusive interview how fond he was of doing commentary and being more excited to call the action than being involved in it.

Bennett joined WWE in 2006 and stayed with the company until 2016 when he and the company agreed to an early release of his contract. This Wednesday will be Bennett’s first time back on WWE programming since his last run with the company.



What do you reckon? Is there any chance he’s called Stu Bennett?

He sounded quite at home in the booth in the NWA - worked to get the matches and wrestlers over without sounding hysterical or shilly.

It’ll be fun to see Stu “Wade Barrett” Bennett back on WWE tv. But it’s kind of surprising that they just didn’t bring back Nigel for one night.

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I like the move. He was great on NWA

In his interview recently with Chris Van Vliet he said that WWE asked him back for mania to do a Nexus angle (Can’t remember if it was this year or last) but he said no because he didn’t like the story. Point is, it shows that they have been talking and in contact. I always liked him, I’m interested to see how this goes.

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I’ve always thought that The Undisputed Era was the group that Nexus should have been.

I’m interested to see what happens.

Is NWA Power still on the air?

Just on a total vanity sidenote - does my name pop up with the patron notice beside it on everyone else’s screen? I’ve been on the Patreon since day 1 and if it’s missing I just want to get that label attatched.

Yes, you get a little coffee mug by your pic.

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I liked Stu Bennett on the last episode of NXT but you can’t beat Nigel and Mauro.

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I am willing to bet it would have been a one-off, where they get beat up by legends or something, and made to look badly.

Commentary certainly has more legs it, especially to start a return with.

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Is he commentary to be part of an angle though.

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My thought precisely