REPORT: Thea Trinidad (Zelina Vega) present at WWE Performance Center

Originally published at REPORT: Zelina Vega present at WWE Performance Center

WWE announced the release of Thea Trinidad (Zelina Vega) in November. Prior to the formal announcement of her release, she tweeted that she supports unionization which relates back to WWE’s Twitch edict that was put into place.

According to a report from Fightful Select, Trinidad was present at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando on Thursday. The site added that she was being filmed for a project but the specifics of that project are unknown. The “working plan” is for her to return to the company.

Trinidad signed with WWE in 2017 and was placed into a managerial role with Andrade, who was released from the company in March of 2021. Thea assisted Andrade on an NXT Title run and the two moved to the SmackDown and Raw brands together and the likes of Angel Garza and Austin Theory were eventually managed by Trinidad as well.

Her last match for WWE took place in November where she competed in a Triple-Threat Survivor Series qualifier. Her significant other, Aleister Black recently returned to the SmackDown brand and several vignettes of his have aired over the past few weeks.

Makes sense, if they are going to actually do something with Black you would think they would want to make nice with Vega. I have a feeling this is going to piss a lot of fans off though.

I dont expect anything significant with Black. He’ll be a midcard guy at best, unfortunately. She’ll be back with Garza or being used as fodder for the better female talents.

Bad move on her part. I think she could have been something more working outside of WWE.

Disagree with the Black part, I think he gets a mega push this year. Dont forget, in late 2019 early 2020 it was going to be either him or Drew that was going to get the rocket, and they ended up going with Drew, but it just as easily could have been him. I think/hope that this year Black gets the rocket. If he’s not your cup of tea though, to each their own.

As far as Vega goes, I wont say good move or bad move. At the end of the day I just hope she’s happy and does what’s best for her. If thats WWE, she should go to WWE, if its elsewhere, she should go elsewhere.

He is my cup of tea. I think he could be and should be a mega star for them. I just have no faith in this company anymore. Hearing Vince didnt like him and seeing their track record with others that should be superstars, makes me feel the way I do. I hope I’m wrong.


Black was someone Heyman was high on so I think he might actually become something on Smackdown if Heyman has more say.

But he will never be a top guy, Vince probably doesn’t like his look or understand his character.