Report: Vince McMahon has 'moved on' from WWE, hasn't contacted any company leaders

Originally published at Report: Vince McMahon has 'moved on' from WWE, hasn't contacted any company leaders

A recent investigative piece has provided insight into Vince McMahon’s life since former staffer Janel Grant filed a sex trafficking lawsuit against him in January.

Sources speaking to NBC News and CNBC said that McMahon “seems to have moved on” from WWE, and has been living a life of leisure since then.

McMahon resigned from his executive chairman role in TKO Group Holdings three months back after the lawsuit filed against him, WWE, and John Laurinaitis became public. He has since dumped his stocks in the company, with his final shares being registered for sale just recently.

In a sign that he has moved on, sources said that McMahon hasn’t contacted “company leaders and figureheads” since his resignation. The report claims that he hasn’t even discussed company matters with family son-in-law Paul Levesque or daughter Stephanie McMahon.

Among those he has reportedly contacted as of late includes TKO Group Holdings board member Dwyane Johnson, John Cena, and former U.S. President Donald Trump. Details regarding the conversations he had with any of these names were not revealed.

Trump, the long-time ally of the former WWE chairman who the report states is in touch with him “regularly,” is currently seeking re-election. However, similar to McMahon, he is also tied up in high-stakes legal battles, including a case in Manhattan where he is facing 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. The jury selection for that case has been ongoing this week.

Despite facing a lawsuit that alleges “physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault and trafficking,” McMahon is reportedly living a slow and relaxed life. He is being “ferried by a private driver” from Connecticut to Manhattan, going out with friends and remaining in close contact with his lawyer. He has used his private jet to travel to Italy and Turks and Caicos, in one instance bringing back “seven kittens and puppy” for friends to adopt.

“If anything, he’s enjoying life,” a source described in the report.

McMahon believes that he will be able to settle out of court with Grant, although a representative of lawyer Ann Callis denied that any talks of a settlement have taken place. He also doesn’t seem concerned that federal criminal charges will be thrown his way following the investigation that opened against him recently.

Former WWE employee Grant alleged in January that she was sex trafficked by McMahon during her time inside the company. McMahon, along with co-defendants WWE and Laurinaitis, have until May 14 to formulate a response to the lawsuit that Grant has brought forward.