REPORTS: CM Punk and Jack Perry in backstage altercation at All In

Originally published at REPORTS: CM Punk and Jack Perry in backstage altercation at All In

CM Punk and Jack Perry were reportedly involved in a physical altercation just minutes before the All In main card started.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful was first to report the incident, which was later corroborated by The Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez.

Mike Johnson at PWInsider Elite also has reporting on the incident (subscriber content), which confirms that an incident occurred but that the nature of the physicality is not clear.

The incident is said to have occurred backstage just after Perry had wrestled to close the Zero Hour pre-show, when he lost the FTW Championship to HOOK.

The Punk and Perry confrontation occurred around 10 minutes before the main card opener, featuring CM Punk and Samoa Joe.

During the FTW Championship match, Perry said to the camera, “It’s real glass. Cry me a river”, in reference to maneuvers that he and HOOK were taking on Perry’s limousine. This included Perry taking a suplex into the windshield of the vehicle.

Alvarez believes this comment may have led to the altercation, as it seems to refer back to an argument that Perry and Punk had during the summer at a Collision taping when Perry wanted to film a spot involving glass. Punk reportedly refused to allow this.

and the award for least surprising event of the day goes to…


Jack Perry vs Hook was a ridiculously physical match. How do you try to shake somebody up after the match?

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Just get rid of Punk already… I love AEW’s product but I’m sick and tired of hearing about Punk having an issue with someone all the time

REPORT: CM Punk in an altercation with POST Wrestlings @willowzy after he made fun of him on the internet. Punk allegedly pie faced him and told him he’s not allowed to watch Collision anymore.


Punk is a grown-ass adult. They need to stop walking eggshells around this guy. Hopefully he calls out Ogogo right before his match.

Not to say there wasnt an issue to start but probably could be avoided if perry kept his mouth shut.

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Well, I certainly think he is to blame for a lot of the stuff. I think this last interaction is more on Perry if it’s as advertised.

This is more about a young kid not respecting the advice veterans are giving him and thinking he knows better. I just imagine in the territory days if a young kid who’s still getting started and rejected advice from Harley race,
Or a Bruiser Brody or even the Undertaker what would happen if that person then tried to call them out on live PPV with a snide comment.

Like in those days, rookies used to carry the bags of the older people and treat them with respect and try and learn the business from them. They didn’t do stuff like this where they get advice, which seemed actually pretty fair from punk in that he didn’t need to use real glass, and then decide to take a swipe at him during a life show. Punks the elder statesman here, he has to go stand up to Jack Perry after something like that, and put him in his place. who the hell does Perry think he is? he hasn’t run a dime his life I don’t think ever well. Instead of trying to listen and learn from someone like punk, he thinks he’s better than him. And trust me in the old days I think we all agree stuff like that would never fly, instead of putting them in a headlock the would have beaten him to a pulp or used a gun, or bury him 6 feet under.

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If Perry wants to show how tough he is I’m sure GCW would love to book him for some dates.

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The Hausman AKA Punk spin

From what we are told, Punk was waiting in the Gorilla position before the show went live for his match against Samoa Joe when Perry entered the area and walked up to him. Punk initiated the verbal exchange between the two, asking Perry if he had something to say, and the conversation quickly escalated, leading to Perry asking Punk to “do something about it.”

This is when Punk shoved Perry, Perry responded by shoving Punk back, and then Punk put him in what is being described as a chokehold. We’re told Punk viewed putting Perry in a chokehold as a way to neutralize the situation, as he’s a trained fighter and does not want to have to fight Perry. No punches were thrown, as far as we know.

Punk then walked to his dressing room, got cleaned up, and spoke with AEW security. Punk, knowing that the situation was not good, asked them if it would be better for everyone if he left the building and was told that nobody was asking him to leave, but it might make things easier if he did. Punk agreed, left the building of his own accord, walked to his hotel, and ordered Nandos for some of the talent, whom he met up with after the show.

Nandos is good though. Spicy Piri Piri. Him being a trained fighter is a bit laughable

I loved Johns response to this yesterday. It’s not even news now. This man’s an idiot and these things are just gonna happen. As long as everyone can be professional when it matters then I don’t really care and I’m sure Jack doesn’t. Bet everyone respects him for sticking up to this bully/ idiot.


How long is it going to take for them to realize that Punk needs psychological help ? How long ?
Jack Perry should have kept his mouth shut. He should have guessed nothing good was coming out of this.

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Punk shoved Perry, Perry responded by shoving Punk back, and then Punk put him in what is being described as a chokehold. We’re told Punk viewed putting Perry in a chokehold as a way to neutralize the situation, as he’s a trained fighter and does not want to have to fight Perry.

Naturally, not wanting to fight somebody is always demonstrated by shoving them first.


Why should he have kept his mouth shut? It isnt like he went out and did some interview talking about it. He made a smart ass remark about something that led to a spot in his match. You can easily take it as an in-character thing as him being a dick, with a bit of a wink to the audience who know the story.

Just because CM Punk is easily offended, doesnt mean everyone should have to be careful.


If it’s legit, Perry should be punished for trying to be cute on air and dropping that line. Made no sense in the context of a match and took me completely out of it.

It’s not hard to understand this

He’s basically a bully who doesn’t have anyone in authoritative roll telling him what to do

He came in here and was anointed a bit of a saviour feels like he’s much more experienced at the start and expects people to listen and bow down to you. When they don’t he lashes out. He’s never really been reigned in, for god sakes even got his friend who bit another human being hired back to stay home and get paid. He has a lot of and he’s never really disciplined for his actions.

It’s not that different than bully at school where the teacher just pats him on the head and says don’t worry about it I’ve got it.

At this point though I feel like he’s not helping him as much is hurting. It’s not like collision is a runaway success. It’s basically got trash viewership. Is anyone really paying to watch punk matches? I almost feel like Tony will get more goodwill by publicly firing, and humiliating him on TV to his fans.

He’s not their biggest star anymore. That’s clearly MJF. I would almost book all out to be MJF versus punk. Punk not their biggest star anymore. That’s clearly MJF. I would almost book all out to be MJF versus Punk have MJF squash him and fire him after. Like the biggest match in wrestling isn’t Roman vs Punk anymore it’s actually Roman vs MJF

And unlike any other big star I don’t think he’s going to WWE because they don’t like him either. It’s not a triple H wants to bring this moron in. So I literally feel like you could fire him and he’s doing Jack shit other than watching Chicago Blackhawks games on TV.

Nick Hausman and CM Punk continue to strive to make sure nobody is ever focused on anybody other than Punk coming out of a great AEW show.

How is Hausman considered a legit reporter. He’s basically AEWs Ryan Satin

So dingbat came in a day later cause he wanted to spend time with his wife and dog? Doesn’t every other person in AEW have a family as well? They can get there on time and only dumbazz can’t figure it out from the airport to his hotel. We’re like I know he’s a stupid guy. But I didn’t know he was this stupid.

Like this idiot couldn’t put the name of a hotel into Uber or a taxi to get there? How does every other human being who arrives in London do it?


Should they not play off internet gossip and rumours to build heat. If Punk was an adult this could have led to a cool short feud between these 2. He needs to just grow up. AEW allows people creative freedom. If punk wants to work with people who never say anything out of place he could have just stayed at WWE where it’s scripted. The man needs to grow up

At this point, TK should just get Edge in the company and give him the spot Punk has had on Collision. He’s already legit best friends with FTR… So it works.

Give me a healthy Edge in ring over Punk at this point.

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