Retribution Name Generation Thread

Hello everyone. McGuire here and I have crunched the numbers to come up with a cutting edge actuarial system to determine YOUR (yes, YOU!) Retribution name! Share your results below.

Birth month:

January - Bloody
February - Rusty
March - Enormous
April - Sharpened
May - Loaded
June - Hidden
July - Disease-ridden
August - Soiled
September - Street-smart
October - Rocket-Propelled
November - Dull
December - Double-Barreled

And the first letter of your last name:

A - Hunting Rifle
B - Machete
C - Knife
D - Condom Filled With Narcotics
E - Uzi
F - Lead Pipe
G - Wrench
H - Gun
I - Board With A Nail In It
J - Molotov Cocktail
K - Rock
L - Shotgun
M - Attack Dog
N - Bazooka
O - Sock Filled With Marbles
P - Shiv
Q - Needle
R - Ninja Star
S - Headbutt*
T - Grenade
U - Cannon
V - Musket
W - Cleaver
X - Sock Filled With Marbles
Y - Eye Poke*
Z - Crowbar

*this name is only permissible on RAW Underground

Henceforth I shall be addressed as Double-Barrelled Attack Dog. Thank you.


Street-smart Knife joining your ranks Double-Barrelled Attack Dog. :+1:

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“Dull Rock”… which is also an apt description of every star WWE has tried to create for the last 20 years.

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Great. I am Disease-Ridden Ninja Star.


I can picture Michael Cole saying it now…Here comes the Enormous Condom Filled With Narcotics.


That’s good shit, pal.


I have confirmed with my sources at WWE that Mia Yim will debut on RAW Underground next week under her new moniker Sharpened Eye Poke. Stay tuned.

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Disease-Ridden Shiv!

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Enormous Cleaver


Soiled Condom Filled With Narcotics. Kind of a mouthful but I guess I was born with it.

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Why am I relegated to only RAW Underground?

Dull Eye Poke clap clap clap-clap-clap

… me and the short sticks. :pleading_face:

The Val Venis of Retribution.


Street-smart Machete :hocho:

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Sharpened hunting rifle reporting for duty.

Loaded Hunting Rifle

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Rusty Attack Dog

Damn right I am rusty! I’ve been locked up since March! Let me out!

Hidden Condom Filled with Narcotics… well at least I wasn’t born in January

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Loaded Machete… sure why not, though that does sound like something creative would come up with.

This one makes too much sense, they probably wouldn’t be able to get the copyright. Also, I think certain executive would object to the word “Hunting” in somebody’s name.

Maybe LowDead Ryfle?

Disease ridden Machete


The Loaded Experience