Rev Pro Live at the Cockpit 43: PAC vs. David Starr

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Event: Revolution Pro Live at the Cockpit 43

Venue: The Cockpit Theatre, London

Submitted by: Steve Harris

James Mason over Kenneth Halfpenny
A really good grappling contest, and a strong opener.

M K McKinnan and Dan Moloney over Dan Magee and Kurtis Chapman
Chapman was almost chopped to death in this hard-hitting match that the audience lapped up.

Gabriel Kidd over Jaxson Stone
This was supposed to be Stone vs Rob Lias, but T K Cooper attacked Lias before he could enter, leading to Stone challenging Shaun Jackson, one of the ringside contenders. Before he could accept, Gabriel Kidd accepted instead and won by submission with a Boston Crab. A big win for the experienced Contender.

Kyle Fletcher over Josh Bodom
Two matches tonight between the current and former tag team champions after Aussie Open lost the titles last weekend in Manchester. The two had to be separated after the match as the wild brawling theme of this feud continued.

Seleziya Sparks over Shazza McKenzie
Took the Cockpit a while to warm up to this one, but after some impressive strength from Sparks followed by a super-plex they were with them by the end. Good match.

Mark Davis v Sha Samuels
Two talented heavyweights fought both in and around the ring, a ref bump led to a low blow from Samuels and a run-in by Josh Bodom. Kyle Fletcher made the save before the locker room emptied and…brawled with each other for some reason. The match was thrown out, and Davis cut a promo demanding a title shot.

Bullet Club (El Phantasmo and Hikuleo) over Team White Wolf (A-Kid and Carlos Romo)
Hikuleo is an impressive figure up close, and White Wolf excelled in their roles of getting him over as a monster. This was ELP’s first appearance at the Cockpit since turning heel and he totally embraced it, beating Romo with a CR2. White Wolf argued and teased a split after the match.

PAC over David Starr
The ‘true independent’ against the man more mired than anybody in company politics in 2019. Starr baited PAC by calling him ‘Neville’ and ‘Adrian’, before the DQ finish from the ZSJ/PAC match in January was teased. Starr got a visionary pinfall after a ref bump and attempted to stamp on the Dragon Gate title before the referee pulled it away. While the referee was distracted PAC hit a low blow and a Black Arrow for the win. Starr called out Andy Quildan to demand he reverse the decision. An impassioned back and forth followed before Quildan agreed to the match at Summer Sizzler, control of Rev Pro vs Starr’s Rev Pro career.