Review America?

Too soon to ask? If Brian Mann and Nate are back on board do we get a review of Trump’s first year in office? I know I’m not the only one who loves this idea.


They’re already being put through WCW 2000. That might be a form of cruel and unusual punishment.


As of right now, I’d have to say that’s a “hard pass”…Lol!



Nate, well I gave it a shot at least, looking forward to more WCW 2000 reviews.

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I wouldn’t mind a special one-shot for the midterm election and presidential election, but otherwise, no thanks

That would be great, but I think most wrestling fans are very critical of President Trump. I feel like I keep hearing from the same side of the coin when wrestling personalities talk about politics, like Jim Cornette will always side with the demoncrats, other than Eric Bischoff I don’t know of anyone that will give conservatives a fair shake. John and Wai are Canadian so you know what you’re going to get from them.

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Midterm elections!! We need it!!

To be fair (and balanced), I believe that there’s a distinct difference between being objective to conservative ideals/GOP politicians and co-signing Trump (who’s basically a RINO). And in my experience, most wrestlers seem to lean right…They just don’t all have podcasts. :100:


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Russo, if he counts, seem to have similar thoughts to Trump. He also talks about the IWC like Trump talks about snowflakes and Fake News

Yeah, a LOT of wrestlers lean to the right. You’ll be surprised.

Honestly, I wouldn’t want a show like ReviewAmerica as it would break this forum apart before it even really gets going. Although it would be fun to fling shit at Trump, there are people here who probably support him and it’ll create haovc.


I figured a lot of the new, younger wrestlers would be more towards the left

A few years ago there was a chart tracking the political leanings of sports fans. Wrestling fans were identified as pretty liberal.

Sounds like we should be happy Keep it 2000 is coming back. Looking forward to the first show with Damian.