REWIND-A-RAW 12/30/19: Whoa, Liv-in’ On A Prayer (Lana-Lashley Wedding)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Raw featuring the wedding between Bobby Lashley and Lana.

Plus, the first entrant of the DECADE is announced for the Women’s Royal Rumble match, Becky Lynch and Asuka set up their title bout, a TLC rematch between Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy, Brock Lesnar’s return next week along with two title matches, Andrade takes on Ricochet, the top program is escorted out of the arena, and Randy Orton is confronted by AJ Styles.


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  • Arn Anderson to have a regular on-air role with AEW
  • Jim Smallman’s farewell at Progress Wrestling Chapter 100
  • WWE finishes on Sky Sports after 30 years

And your Café feedback, comments, and questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Photos Courtesy: WWE

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Some nostalgic wwf sky ads I stumbled across on YouTube.

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Yet another brilliant episode title. :clap:

On the Street Profits promo, I listened to the New Day podcast today where one of the subjects was bad promos, that nobody who looks like the New Day would ever say and the fight to change words around

Yeah the Street Profits are so cold after all the weeks of saying stupid shit backstage and on the mic. Why bother spending anytime in NXT or even having NXT exist at all if when you go up to the main roster you are scripted to sound like morons.

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That car crash wedding is the type of segment the Attitude Era was built on.

Because the Attitude Era was extremely dumb for the most part.

Just another example of why at the end of the day, aside from creating “content” for the Network, everything about NXT in its current state is meaningless.

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Haven’t done the research aside from watching at the time, but I always thought that WWE and WCW probably had the same amount of shit vs. good stuff on their shows during the head-to-head years. Biggest difference (aside from the myriad political things that doomed WCW) is that most of WWE’s best matches involved their pushed and promoted guys while WCW’s best stuff came from the midcard and undercard.

Just thinking out loud any chance Randy Orton naming Edge leads to a comeback, if he’s cleared I could see him winning the Rumble or taking exception with Randy using his name

Wai clearly couldn’t wait to get to Tokyo.


I came here specifically to wish Wai a very refreshing trip, and hope he comes back reinvigorated and raring to go, but I also realize the 3 hour mountain he’s asked to climb every monday and think I would probably be in the same mood as last nights pod way more often than he ends up there lol


Yeah they were super hot after their win over the OC and then went in the crapper.

Only if you look at it only as a place to develop main roster talent. As a standalone wrestling show it is great.


If you can enjoy it as that, great. I guess I don’t understand the idea of getting emotionally invested in talent that are under contract to the exact same company, to be built up to a certain level - only to eventually be tossed around like interchangeable cogs in a giant machine. I just can’t do that anymore, when the “promise land” has time and time again shown me that any ounce of investment in a talent’s emotional journey, ends at whim of an out of touch 70+ billionaire, totally dependent on whatever his mental state is on any random Monday or Friday, when he feels like “mixing” things up.


I think we will see less of that now. We know guys like Ciampa won’t go to “main roster”. I also view it as any different then getting emotionally invested in someone in ROH or Impact. I care about current stories and actually like that people eventually move on instead of log jamming the top of the card for years on end. I’d rather see 2-3 great years with a guy, then have them move on then 10 years of the same 4-5 guys rotating on top while new guys go no where.

I have a feeling he will feel bad for the episode but honestly I fcking loved the realness of it. What does WWE think of their fans to put on such garbage during a holiday stretch of Christmas-New Years. Wai’s attitude toward this show is exactly the realness more people in Wrestling need. Internally people in WWE should be disgusted by themselves and recognize they are repeatedly telling their audience it’s a waste of time to watch Raw and Smackdown. Numbers show it, other consumer metrics show it. Have some respect for yourselves as a product WWE.

One thing I’m not seeing and maybe just haven’t come across it is criticism for Heyman who has been dreadful as the show runner of Raw for over 2 months now.


I think Hey,an has been spared because compared to Smackdown, Raw has been great. That is the sad state of things right now. Other than ratings numbers I don’t know how executives look at the quality of show we get from NXT and look at the crap we get on RAW/Smackdown and be anything other than pissed. If they booked RAW/SD with the star power (low though it is) at all like NXT we would have good to great wrestling. Instead we get unwatchable garbage. The only thing I watched from the show was the Liv Morgan return because I saw she came back. Very disappointing.

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My theory on why WWE Backstage did a huge number on Christmas Eve, lots of people stay up late to open gifts at midnight and they are looking to fill time until then.

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That is an interesting theory and a new one for me I’ve never heard of anyone staying up until midnight to open gifts.

Yeah it’s not my Christmas tradition but I know it is a common one in Ontario and Quebec at least.

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