Rewind-A-Raw 3/2/20: Randy Orton confronts Beth Phoenix

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Raw featuring Beth Phoenix’s medical update on Edge.

Monday’s episode featured The Street Profits challenging Seth Rollins & Murphy and it’s Now or Never for the Raw tag titles, AJ Styles meets Aleister Black after Black runs the OC gauntlet, Shayna Baszler’s first match on Raw facing Kairi Sane, the plight of poor Ricochet, and a big angle to close the show with Beth Phoenix being confronted by Randy Orton.

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  • Matt Hardy is a free agent
  • The Great Muta may not appear at Spring Break IV
  • Jun Akiyama going to Florida this May to coach at the WWE PC
  • Female-based wrestling series KAYfABE led by Gail Kim, Christy Hemme & Amy Dumas
  • Friday Night SmackDown rating with John Cena’s return
  • New matches added for shows during WrestleMania Week
  • Fight Network’s Diary episode on Tessa Blanchard

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Can’t stand Heyman promos anymore. He hasn’t changed his shtick in years now and is just recycling the same boring stuff. Drew killing Brock was pretty good, though.

Street Prophets titles win was… weird. Can you tell me why was the stipulation added (that spoiled the match when it was announced)? Rollins is instant skip for me, so I didn’t actually cared about this one.

I guess Rick O’Shea is not a superhero anymore, just a regular WWE geek (nothing against Moss). I wonder what exactly was he doing in the PC. I remember when he was Prince Puma he was complaining he didn’t got enough promo time. One would think this should be his go-to there, try to get better. It did eat his head on the main roster.

I guess we are going towards that Taker\Aleister vs The OC at Mania. I’d prefer that than a singles match, TBH.

Is it only me or did Sarah Logan dropped some weight? She looks really fit (and cute) since at least couple of weeks now. Didn’t actually watched the match so I can’t comment on it, angle afterwards was fine for something (and someones) I don’t care.

For some reason this (anti)dramatic spider reveal drove me to hysterics. Jesus H Christ, this was so STUPID, my brain just exploded. Still chuckling when recall. :sweat_smile:

Becky showing up in the middle of Kairi vs Shayna was absolutely stupid and irritating, as her demeanour on the commentary table. The match was kinda weird in a way that I was expecting a more dominant performance by Shayna. An AEW women’ match if I’ve ever seen one.

A fun tag match. Breaking news: all those four guys are awesome. It was like someone told them “go there and have a fun match”. More of this, please. A clean win for the babyfaces was baffling on this TV program, though. Two thumbs up.

Final segment was good, but they had to overextend it there at the end, after the RKO, instead of going dark. It was just good.

I thought the show was not that bad, though the bad stuff was BAD. Too much stuff that I don’t care about, unfortunately.

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Wai on Cody’s tattoo: I’ve never seen such criticism for somebody doing something to their own body.

You guys are so fortunate to live in Canada, “Roe V Wade”

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During the rundown of the PWG Eleven card, John says Kyle O’Reilly defended the EVOLVE Title? Threw me for a loop, but yeah, it was the PWG Title.

It was Jerry’s crown