REWIND-A-RAW 9/10/18: Foley returns, Alexa “ribs” Ronda, John reviews AQUA

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE RAW 9/10/18:

Raw took place from New Orleans featuring the return of Mick Foley, who was added to the Hell in a Cell event as a special referee. The show also featured The Shield thwarting the Louisiana legal system and outsmarting Baron Corbin, Alexa Bliss attacks Ronda Rousey heading into their title match, Triple H responds to The Undertaker.

We also discuss TODAY’S TOP STORIES including Renee Young being permanently added the Raw team, Jonathan Coachman’s new role, Cody vs. Nick Aldis rematch in October, Nicco Montano stripped of UFC title, Hell in a Cell runtime.

Plus, Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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Hurricanes are alcoholic drinks popularized in New Orleans, no way Graves meant the weather


So happy for John and his Aqua experience!
You could hear the happiness and joy in his voice!

I’m very curious to see what WWE does with its new commentary.

Specifically from a sexism standpoint. Corey Graves’ role on the booth has always been to find the smallest mistakes and absolutely jump on his follow commentators calling them out and shaming them live on air. It’s a role I personally HATE but that’s his job for some reason and so be it.

Graves took it easy on Coachman initially while he got his footing so to speak and so I fully expect him to give Renee the same courtesy. But it will really bother me if they give Renee special treatment due to her gender and have Graves only call out Michael Cole going forward.

The better alternative of course being that Graves just becomes a commenters that hypes matches but WWE hates that stuff in the current era for some reason.


Vince loves humiliating people and I know it was him giving Corey orders to tear the other announcers a new one. I think just having any woman as the third announcer is for the best so Corey won’t be ordered to shit all over them. No way Corey is ordered to go at Renee since the company has become Foley’s wet dream in terms of feminist empowerment.

John, I’m also a big Aqua fan. You said they didn’t release anything after 2001 but they did. Even though, yeah it’s not their best songs, I do love Back to 80’s released in 2009. There is also a 3rd album called Megalomania released in 2011.

No way Aqua have sold 30million albums! Where did you get that information?

Actually the number is around 33 Million.

“selling 33 million albums and singles” - I would imagine most of these are singles…

Michael Jackson only sold about 80million!

I think the first album was around 20 million

4 million.

Close, just off by 10 million…

No album will ever sale anywhere close to that amount ever again. Just think about that.

John and previous poster was just off by 19million then…

God dammit Luke this isn’t rocket science…

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“Record Sales” is a term made up of album, singles, and music video sales. So for Aqua:
The Album Aquarium - 14 million in sales
The Single Barbie Girl - 8 million in sales
Music Video sales - unknown.
But there’s 22 million of 33 million worldwide right there.

For comparison - Taylor Swift has 40 million in Album sales and over 130 million singles downloads. So music is definitely still selling a lot, just maybe not the physical copy.

Is that 40mil all 1989? Love that album :heart: