Rewind-A-SmackDown 12/18/20: TLC Go-Home, Sami Awards, ROH Final Battle

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review the final WWE SmackDown ahead of Sunday’s WWE TLC. John Siino joins us to deliver an ROH Final Battle report. Plus, an extended feedback segment with lots of your Zoom calls.

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On SmackDown, Kevin Owens withstands 2-hours of torment, Sami Zayn hosts the inaugural Sami Awards, Carmella leaves final words for Sasha Banks ahead of their title match, The Dirty Dawgs challenge The Street Profits for the tag titles, Gable teaches Otis another lesson, Bayley vs. Bianca Belair, and The Riott Squad cut a really weird promo.

An EXTENDED FEEDBACK segment featuring your Zoom calls, comments, and questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

John & Wai preview Sunday’s WWE TLC

John Siino reports on ROH Final Battle featuring Rush vs. Brody King, John Gresham vs. Flip Gordon, and the controversial Danhausen.

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There is no greater feeling of dread than leaving your feedback and listening to the show the next day and hearing to the hosts give, as John said, “all of the opposite opinions,” knowing my feedback is still to come. :joy: Good show as always. Lots of laughs.

I always enjoy this aspect of the feedback. Our opinions are only two and I would hate to know that they’d discourage others from offering theirs.


Wai’s right, opinions are just that, opinions. People have to remember that wrestling is subjective, too often fans get so wrapped in their heads about “being right”, or claiming that one thing is definitively better then another. At the end of the day this is entertainment, and what is good or bad to you is only defined by you.


Sami Zayn is gold.

Solid catch all show and I love the post show round table feel. Low key one of the better parts of the week’s Post programming. A very small point might be to make the leap of faith in connecting a topic. The caller left an opening to discuss Marty Scurll and it went nowhere because there wasn’t a formal question asked. Maybe there’s nothing to say ultimately as last heard investigations were ongoing, but it came across as an excuse not to discuss an uncomfortable topic. And you both are close to your best when you’re discussing uncomfortable topics. I don’t know. Thanks again for the show and all the content.

I left an opening to discuss Marty Scurll as I wanted to hear their thoughts on it, but realized right away I didn’t ask a question. I had been on a while and am always nervous to leave before shown the door. I was very appreciative of John and Wai both letting me go long on a topic I can go long on and love to discuss.

I would be curious on the year end show to know if Marty comes up. I know it is uncomfortable but he has to be the biggest fall from grace of 2020. From staying with ROH and being made booker, to topping the PWTees charts in 2019, to being persona non grata pretty much everywhere and completely forgotten about. I know a lot of talent were exposed during the summer but Marty seemingly had the highest pedigree so wanted to hear John and Wai rift on him a bit and also anticipated the convo going completely ROH soon for Final Battle.

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You can talk shit about AEW’s women division but they would get ripped apart if they allowed two people to talk like the Riot Squad did on Smackdown.

Beyoncé? Sarah Jessica Parker? Wonder Woman? Some of the worst dialogue of the year

I really don’t know what insight you are seeking and still have not seen a question raised. Everyone is aware of why he isn’t on television and not being used.

The allegation was made public and so were Scurll’s responses - ROH has not brought him back and so, it’s not even a case of the public being asked to overlook anything or be uncomfortable by a decision to use him.

When it comes to these types of stories involving allegations - we will present what is known but we are not going to editorialize or delve into speculation, which would be irresponsible.


What’s there to talk about? He’s not being used and everyone knows why.

I’d be more interested to hear the results of ROH’s “investigation”. It’s been like six months, you would think they have something to say by now.

Until ROH or Scrull say something it’s a non-story

Absolutely. I think it’s awesome they give us the platform, however small, to write a few words and have them read.

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