REWIND-A-SMACKDOWN 2/13/18: Dolph Ziggler Wants WM Main Event

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE SMACKDOWN 2/13/18 featuring:

Dolph Ziggler returns and wants to main event WrestleMania, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens attempt to protect their Fastlane odds, Charlotte continues to pick off the Riott Squad, The Bludgeon Brothers smash TVs, The New Day eat pancakes, and Jinder, Randy and Bobby argue over the Top 10.

Rusev & Lana take on Elias & Bayley in Week 5 of the Mixed Match Challenge.

Mark Andrews vs Akira Tozawa and a NEW Drew Grulak takes on Tony Nese in more tournament opening round matches on 205 Live.

Plus, Café feedback to the show from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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Sometimes you just don’t know where the crowd stands. Tonight they were supportive but other places are indifferent or negative despite the superstars’ efforts.

I couldn’t care less for Ziggler. It’s been one moanfest after another, and I thought his “last chance” was his feud with Miz. Maybe TPTB have plans for him but I think he is in need of serious repackaging from mannerisms down to name.

I have no idea what they’re doing with the ladies. Another impromptu team match against Riott and her intimidating soft-spoken Squad. It really doesn’t sell the value of the SD Women’s Title when Naomi and Becky are content to play second fiddles to Charlotte, or that no one is really demanding a shot at the title save Carmela.

I didn’t even bother to watch this week as I knew that this match was going to be a 5 way now. Real tired of this company’s latest trend of multi man matches for your top title. They take a idea and just run it into the ground. Debating on if I’m going to watch the PPV.

I really didn’t like how they got there either.

  1. Owens and Zayn beating up Corbin and Ziggler, only to both lose to them clean makes them look weak and not up to the task of taking on Styles for the title. Both Owens and Zayn I feel are just better workers too.

  2. Ziggler just forfeited the United States title and went away for weeks, from a story perspective Bryan and Shane shouldn’t be rewarding the guy with an opportunity at a more prestigious title.

  3. Corbin isn’t main event ready in my opinion, his gimmick is tired he is like a K-Mart Elias (Drifter version) with anger issues. He should be part of the angle with Roode, Orton, and Jinder. I’d much rather see that be a fatal 4 way or 5 way than the WWE title.

  4. It further undermines the “Top 10” list. These guys were not on the list at all, and get pushed to the top and given a shot to compete while Dillinger again was off TV, Nakamura was no where to be seen and Orton is relegated to the mid-card.

The top 10 list is a joke. It doesn’t serve a purpose at all. It just confuses people if anything. It does tell you who is the top contender to any title.

Commentary team is dragging down any matches with storylines…this is actually making me feel bad for Phillips…PHILLIPS!!

Keep Graves on Raw, him and Saxtons married couple act is insufferable.

What is it with WWE lately? Just adding more names to matches and thinking that will help sell their PPV’s.

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New Era…title matches are officially participation ribbons.