REWIND-A-SMACKDOWN 6/12/18: History-Making SmackDown, MITB Preview, ROH planning MSG card

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John Pollock is joined by Keep It 2000’s Nate Milton to review the final episode of WWE SmackDownbefore the Money in the Bank event.

On this show, we saw the BIGGEST WOMEN’S TAG IN SMACKDOWN HISTORY, a cameo appearance from Jerry Lawler in Memphis, Daniel Bryan took on Shelton Benjamin in an entertaining match, Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Jeff Hardy, a match with Samoa Joe vs. Rusev with The Miz as the special referee.

We also previewed the entire Money in the Bank card with our picks for the two ladder match winners, and discussed Jeff Hardy’s arrest from this past March and guilty plea on Monday, as well as Sinclair Broadcast Group CEO Chris Ripley announcing that Ring of Honor would run a card from Madison Square Garden in 2019.

Plus, Café feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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Forget AJ’s slaps, John no-selling Nate’s (wonderful) Samoa Joe pun was the real brutality of this episode.


first time listening to nate and he’s hilarious!

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I was just left disappointed by the lack of acknowledgement from John.

I find the whole Jeff Hardy situation to be despicable.

Jeff joking about it on television is in such poor taste its easily far more insulting than any racist or homophobic comment we’ve heard from wrestlers in the past.

Far more important is WWE’s inaction.

Your FACE champion that people view as a role model could have easily killed innocent bystanders through his action. A DUI or DWI is far more serious than something like their drug policy. And yet WWE took NO action. Jeff has only been PUSHED since this happened which sends so many red flags from the company that will heavily punish Lio Rush for a tweet or Titus for touching Vince’s shoulder.

Impaired driving though…put the title on that man and praise him on air!
Let the kids envy his actions and decisions!

Jeff should have been immediately suspended (same goes for the Uso that was caught earlier in the year). From there you wait and see how truly severe the incident was and in the case of Jeff Hardy you should seriously consider if this man is truly worth remaining employed with your company. He’s proven time and time again to be a PR nightmare and is about as reliable as Alberto El Patron. Is this really the kind of talent you want on your family friendly PG show? If they decide yes, that’s fine but at least take some action as a company to show that this type of behavior from public role models is unacceptable.

LEL…Lio Rush wasn’t punished by the company for his tweet.

Was the wrestlers who did it, over fucking twitter of all places. Not even a wrestlers court.

Who views Jeff hardy or any wrestler has a role model?

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Role model…lol.

What parents can’t explain to kids who’s favorite athlete/actor/tv character have fucked up royally and how it will affect them and their family for their kids character growth?

Lazy ass parents.


If the answer was that easy then we’d have nothing against putting Hulk Hogan back on TV or talking about Chris Benoit. People have a tough time seperating the character as seen on tv from the person in real life.

This isn’t just parents/kids either…many adults feel this way too.

Yes. Face champion cheered by viewers regularly on a PG show that’s safe for children. It’s not that much of a stretch to assume this man could be a role model to some.

It’s that easy.

Explained to my nephew why I tossed out my autographed Chris Benoit Hard knocks dvd. He got it.

You don’t have to shelter children from disappointment and tragedy.

Mìster Rogers and Pixar are perfect examples of treating kids as people.

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Speaking of Lio Rush, those video promos have been quality so far. Fingers crossed he mentions people getting released in his first live promo after making his debut.