REWIND-A-SMACKDOWN 7/3/18: Team Hell No vs. The Usos, Ellsworth vs. Asuka

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE SMACKDOWN 7/3/18:

Before they face The Usos, Daniel Bryan demands an apology from Kane for past aggressions, James Ellsworth faces Asuka, Jeff Hardy holds an Independence Day US Open Challenge, and Sanity ruin The New Day’s pancake eating contest.

Wai discusses 205 Live featuring a stellar match in Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali and WWE Ride Along featuring The Iiconics and Rusev Day.

John shares his thoughts on ROH Best in the World and Jay Lethal’s ROH World title win.

Plus, Café feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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There’s a hidden nugget in the ride along episode when Peyton asks who Billie would Kiss, Marry, Repug between Dolph, Seth and Tye. Tye and Peyton have been together for years now.

Lol who did Billie say was repug?

She said she would kiss Tye, marry Seth and repug Dolph

LOL thanks.

Back to Smackdown… I fall somewhere between John and Wai on their opinion of the Bryan/Kane reunion at the beginning of the show. Bryan trying to make sense of Kanes actions in context with their last feud is absolutely something his character would do. Making sense of story lines and filling in the plot holes was what he did best on TalkingSmack.

But in this case I really didn’t feel like it was necessary. It was FOUR years ago. Typically WWE just ignores whatever happened four weeks ago. An entire generation of fans has probably come and gone since then. Bryan and Kane are a fun tag team and gives them both something to do before Bryan hopefully focuses on Miz for a match at SummerSlam.

What does “repug” mean?

Short for “repugnant”. Basically means revolting.

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