Rey Mysterio: "Knee surgery was successful"

Originally published at Rey Mysterio: "Knee surgery was successful"

Mysterio undergoes a knee operation. 

After losing the WWE United States Championship to Logan Paul at Crown Jewel, there was a segment on the following episode of SmackDown where tension between LWO’s Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar came to a head. 

Carlito accused Escobar of leaving brass knuckles on the ring apron for Paul to use on Mysterio to become champion. This would ultimately lead to a physical altercation between Mysterio and Escobar which concluded with Escobar pushing Mysterio off the apron and the WWE Hall of Famer’s leg being caught in between the L.E.D. post and ring steps. Escobar then kicked the steps.

Taking to his Instagram page, Mysterio noted that he’s undergone successful knee surgery and payback on Santos is on the horizon. 

The L.W.O. was formed before WrestleMania 39. Prior to Escobar’s separation, he was a part of the group with Mysterio, Carlito, Zelina Vega, Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro.