Rick Steiner removed from WrestleCon Detroit

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WrestleCon pulled Rick Steiner. 

After WrestleCon scheduled Rick Steiner for their upcoming event(s) in Detroit, Michigan in August, they were met with backlash deriving from Steiner’s altercation with IMPACT Wrestling talent Gisele Shaw. 

That altercation took place at WrestleCon in Los Angeles, California. Shaw released a statement and noted that Steiner called her ‘dude’, ‘filth’ and a ‘piece of trash’. On Sunday, WrestleCon and Highspots’ Michael Bochicchio issued a statement explaining why Steiner was booked

A new statement has been issued to announce that Steiner has been pulled from WrestleCon Detroit. It was decided that Steiner needed to make a public apology and they gave him 24 hours to do so. They have not received a statement from Rick. In addition to that, WrestleCon drafted their first Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment policy. 

Attention: Rick Steiner has been removed from Wrestlecon.

When we allowed Rick Steiner to return to our Convention as a vendor guest of Tony Hunter Promotions, we did not adequately take into account the impact his past words from our last event still held in the LGBTQIA+ community. We initially allowed him to return because 1) We still feel that people deserve a second chance. 2) Rick did make an apology to all parties that chose to be present. 3) We lacked any type of code of conduct/harassment policy that clearly defined our expectations as a convention participant.

After a thoughtful dialogue with Brian Bell from SB Nation’s Outsports and host of the LGBT In the Ring podcast on Monday morning, we agreed with his opinion it was necessary to have some type of public acknowledgment/apology from Rick Steiner, at an absolute minimum, to allow him to attend Detroit. Because we understand this issue required great urgency, we gave Rick Steiner 24 hours to make such a statement. Unfortunately, there is not currently and we do not expect to receive such a statement, and we have therefore made a decision to revoke our permission for him to attend.

Additionally, we now have created a first draft of our Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment policy that will be posted on our website for everybody to see later today. We will continue to improve upon this code of conduct over time and with the cooperation of others. We understand and appreciate that there will be many differences of opinion among our participants and we want to create a safe and enjoyable space for everybody at our Conventions. At this time, we have partnered in solidarity with other Wrestling industry Convention leaders, notably Starrcast, Wrestlecade, and The Gathering (Charlotte Fanfest) who also agree to adopt and adhere to a similar code of conduct for their events.

Attention: Rick Steiner has been removed from Wrestlecon.

When we allowed Rick Steiner to return to our Convention as a vendor guest of Tony Hunter Promotions, we did not adequately take into account the impact his past words from our last event still held in the LGBTQIA+…

— WrestleCon – Detroit – August 4 & 5 (@wrestlecon) July 18, 2023

Gisele Shaw has not further commented on the situation at hand. Back in May, she stated that she would share more when she’s ready. Shaw went public about being transgender in 2022


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I am glad to see this. I was pretty vocal on the other thread how I hoped people would either boycott this or put pressure on him to change his mind. It’s clear he’s banking the Steiners popularity in Detroit to capitalize money which is disgusting.

I’m glad that cooler heads prevail. My thoughts are certainly with anyone in the LGBTQ community who was personally troubled by this and with Giselle

There is a difference between cancel culture and accountability. The fact that he wouldn’t make a public apology speaks volumes.


As he should have been after Mania. Good riddance. Wrestlecon handled the whole thing so poorly though and will suffer some damage im guessing


So now he does the right thing, but will still suffer the consequences of making the stupid decision. This is why people use a PR team before posting messages like the one he did. Glad he came around, but a lot of unnecessary drama.


WrestleCon f—ed around and found out, to put it bluntly. Ultimately the right decision was made.

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This is the first time Ninja8982 has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

This is the quickest “poorly aged tweets” like scenario I have ever seen.


Hopefully he will just as quickly be gone. We dont need the weirdos on this forum, thats what twitter is for.


Do you have any idea what happened?

It’s not like Rick Steiner went on and had a discussion about his views on the topic. He randomly attacked a human being who he’s never met who is walking by him minding their own business. He hurled profanities and attacked them, for no reason. That person was so shook up that she actually came back to see what was going on and he continue doing this for absolutely no reason.

That’s just bullying, harassment, and abuse. I failed to see in any way, shape or form what you were talking about when you say 2 people have differing views. What differing views? She was doing nothing.


Sorry, but this is not Twitter.

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I think what Rick did was disgusting, and from what I understand Rick Steiner apologized personally to Gisele Shaw. She hasn’t made any public statements. This disgusting incident is back in the news because people uninvolved are crying out. Gisele Shaw was the victim and she handled herself VERY well. Rick Steiner should be banned from any events that Gisele Shaw is scheduled, unless she is ok with Rick being there. He shouldn’t have been banned for not apologizing to people who are acting offended for her. She is strong and continues to prove it in her private and professional lives.

Sorry but this comments section reads like Twitter. I joined for my love of professional wrestling and was hoping to read articles and comments about professional wrestling. But what I find has nothing to do with wrestling, only a social issue involving 2 wrestlers.

It’s in the news because the organizer decided to bring Steiner back.

Fans, who are the only reason why the event has survived, were mostly unhappy. You think trans fans would be comfortable going to WrestleCon if Steiner was there?


You are truly new here. Yes, we’re all trying to look to professional wrestling as an escape but that hasn’t been always the case when real life can shine a dirty light at it at times, by then opinions here come out. When something is hurting other people, we’ll point it out that it’s wrong. The WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, we point out the moral implications of the whole ordeal. This particular subject here is no different when other individuals are affected.


I’m a little confused as to what your point is. Nobody on this board said that Rick Steiner should be banned from every wrestling event until the day he dies (ie. being “cancelled”), people are saying that 3 months after the incident is wayyyy to soon to bring him back considering Shaw never gave her blessing, he never apologized to her (he apologized to other employees), and its the same event that the incident took place.


This ain’t twitter; we’re a community, and one that is making Pro Wrestling a more inclusive environment for all. We discuss our love of wrestling, sports, entertainment, and real world issues here. Some of us even get the honor of talking this kind of stuff through Post’s media platforms and we’ve posted in here too… :wink: :blush:

Also, I’m transgender - see my other posts on the topic through my username for my takes and to understand the context for the gif I used - and Steiner never apologized to her. No one here is outraged for her. I’m speaking facts and from experience that only transpeople like Gisele and I can fully understand and relate to. The more you know kinda stuff. Your first message is filled with misinformed premises and contradict what the Wrestle whatever owners statement said. Facts be facts, my man.

However, we do have EXCELLENT wrestling talk in the threads that pertain to wrestling-specific content (i.e in-ring). If you are here and actively contributing, you love professional wrestling. This is something you’ll learn very quickly.

But first and foremost, we’re a community and we talk about real shit and support each other to create a better tomorrow and we do it from within the wrestling sphere.

Side note: Welcome! We’re happy you’re here!