ROH 19th Anniversary: Rush retains, new faction, Tracy Williams strikes gold

Originally published at ROH 19th Anniversary: Rush retains, new faction, Williams strikes gold

ROH 19th Anniversary

March 26th, 2021

UMBC Event Center – Baltimore, MD

By: John Siino

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman & Rocky Romero

ROH 19th Anniversary: Hour One (Free Pre-Show)

Four Corner Survival Match: Brian Johnson vs. Eli Isom vs. LSG vs. Danhausen

Johnson comes out talking trash about all his opponents and the commentary team. Johnson & Isom start the match as Johnson keeps talking trash about everybody. Isom starts with a dropkick and a back body drop to knock Johnson, and LSG replaces him as these are Lucha rules. As LSG and Isom are talking, Johnson tags himself in and ironically says “enough talking” as LSG takes him down. Johnson says he’s never going to shut up before getting tossed to the outside once again and LSG dives onto him to join him. Isom quickly follows with a moonsault, and Danhausen says ‘very good’, instead of getting involved in the match and eventually delivers a superkick to Johnson before shaking Isom and LSG’s hands telling him they can leave now as they’ve done their job before Danhausen himself gets taken out. Back inside, LSG and Isom start brawling it out, with Isom hitting a release Northern Lights Suplex to knock LSG out. Danhausen and Johnson become the legal men, and Johnson hits a pair of clotheslines on him before going after Isom and tries to get the three-count by putting his feet on the ropes. Isom tries to jump off the top, but Johnson trips him and hits a cutter from the top. LSG comes in and goes after Johnson hits the Rock-A-Bye Baby and gets a 2 count. Isom tags in and ends up hitting a triple clothesline on Johnson and LSG as Danhausen crawls slowly back inside. Danhausen hits a German suplex on Isom who lands on LSG and a Northern Lights on Johnson for a 2 count. Danhausen goes for the jar of teeth and pours them down Johnson’s throat, but LSG and Isom come in and tell him to take it easy before all three hit a superkick on Johnson for swearing. Isom takes out Danhausen on the teeth, and he and LSG trade roll-up attempts before Danhausen hits Goodnight Hausen on LSG for the pin but Johnson on the outside is able to break it up. As Danhausen is distracted, Johnson pokes his eye and hits the Process for the pin.

Winner: Brian Johnson by pinfall at 10:53

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Shane Taylor Promotions (c) (Shane Taylor, Kaun & Moses) vs. MexiSquad (Bandido, Flamita & Rey Horus)

It is mentioned that Shane Taylor Production’s new theme song is done by former WWE Superstar Michael Tarver. MexiSquad takes out STP before the bell even rings and all 3 members dive onto them on the outside. Back inside all three Luchadores are attacking Taylor who’s trying to fight back. Bandido & Horus hit a double dropkick, followed by Flamita on Taylor. Taylor is able to tag Kaun in, but Flamita & Bandido are able to take him down, and Flamita flosses while Bandido hits a moonsault before Moses comes in and takes them all out. Moses and Flamita go at it, with SOS hitting a big boot/spear combo for a 2 count. Taylor comes back in as he and Moses go at it with Flamita but they catch his cross-body attempt and Taylor hits a flatliner for a 2 count. Flamita for the second time in this match seems to argue with Bandido and Horus before Bandido is able to jump off the middle rope with a big splash on Taylor with Flamita & Horus on his back. Kaun knocks Bandido to the outside where Moses catches him and throws him like a dart into the corner post before they hit a Victory Lap back inside on him. Flamita and Horus are able to get SOS outside before going after Taylor. Again, Flamita and Bandido get into a bit of a scuffle that causes Taylor to hit a right hook on Bandido and throws him against Flamita in the corner. Horus comes in and takes out Taylor before getting taken down by Moses. Kaun hits a superplex on Flamita, followed by the Coin/Tail as Kaun gets the pin on Flamita.

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions by pinfall at 7:52, to retain

After the match, Flamita and Bandido continue their dissension and start pushing each other, until Horus comes in and tells them to calm down, before getting pushed away from himself. Horus proposes a three-way tonight between them three, but Flamita walks out on both of them as Riccaboni says it looks like the match is being drawn up right now for the main show as Rocky Romero surprises the commentary team by joining them for the 19th Anniversary.

ROH 19th Anniversary

We see a very cool introductory video of someone going through old VHS tapes and popping in past ROH events from the past 19 years while we hear a narration about their history and tonight’s card.

ROH World Television Championship: Kenny King (c) (w/ Amy Rose) vs. Tracy Williams

King is defending the title in place of the reigning TV Champion Dragon Lee who is injured and is very vocally upset about being in this match saying ‘he’s not supposed to be here’. Williams quickly takes him down as commentary states that Williams plans to “Purify” the TV Title to Pure Rules if he becomes the champion. Williams starts twisting King’s foot while targeting his legs. King is able to mount a comeback and hits a dropkick to Williams in the corner for a 2 count. Williams is able to get out of a stretch and go right back to targeting King’s legs before King reaches for the ropes. King hits a spinebuster and a Tiger Bomb for a 2 count. On the top rope, King backflips off of Tracy and hits a kick, but on his way back up, Williams hits a DDT on the top turnbuckle, followed by a discus lariat and a Spicolli Driver for a 2 count. Williams starts delivering strikes and chops, but King comes back with some of his own, before Williams catches his arm for a Fujiwara Armbar into a face lock by Rose is able to put King’s foot on the ropes to break it up. King low blows Williams but only gets a 2 count. Rose throws King’s tag title in the ring as both King and Williams go at it, but Williams is able to grab King instead and hit a piledriver for the pin.

Winner: Tracy Williams by pinfall at 7:16, to become the NEW ROH World Television Champion

Flip Gordon vs. Mark Briscoe

Right away they start pushing each other around and trading strikes, before Briscoe dodges Gordon and takes him down with a chop. Briscoe follows with a suplex for a 2 count. Briscoe hits a back body drop and a senton for another two-count. Gordon puts Briscoe on the top turnbuckle and hits the Kinder Surprise (great move name) as Briscoe ends up on the outside. Gordon starts talking trash but as soon as Briscoe goes back in, goes and mounts him before Todd Sinclair breaks it off. Gordon hits a Fisherman Suplex and gets a 2 count. Gordon comes back with a superkick and the Eye of the Hurricane for another two-count. Gordon goes to the top, but Briscoe is able to get up and knock him off. They fight on the apron, and Gordon tries to springboard but Briscoe pushes him all the way to the barrier on the outside. Briscoe follows with a Blockbuster off the apron. Back inside, Briscoe tries to go off the top, but Gordon pops up and kicks Briscoe before joining him on the top rope. They start trading punches, Briscoe is trying to powerbomb Gordon, who fights it off and hits a superplex failing to go for the cover. They stand up and start trading slaps and chops, followed by forearms. Gordon hits a knee, but then gets a jumping forearm and a boot to the side of the head to fall to the outside where he gets a dropkick from Briscoe. Briscoe starts looking under the ring and pulls out a chair which he attempts to jump off of, but Gordon stops him. While Todd Sinclair is taking the chair out of the ring, Gordon low blows Briscoe and hits the Flip Five for the pin.

Winner: Flip Gordon by pinfall at 7:46

Josh Woods (w/ Silas Young) vs. Dalton Castle

Castle out without the usual feathers and big entrance, and right away he and Woods try to take each other down with amateur wrestling tactics. Woods has a waistlock on, but Castle is able to take him down before applying a wristlock. They continue to grapple and trade gut-wrench suplex attempts until Castle hits a back elbow, but Woods is able to place him on the ropes and hits a German suplex for a 2 count that causes Castle to head outside for a breather a couple of times. Castle comes back in and is on the offense, hitting a suplex after Silas Young on the outside seems to throw off Woods’ attention. Woods misses a springboard kick, and Castle takes Woods to the outside and throws him against the barricade. Back inside, Castle puts another waistlock on Woods in the middle of the ring before going after his wrist. They tussle in the suplex position before Woods hits a hard punch to Castle followed by a bunch of shots in the corner until Castle dodges him, but Woods is able to go to the outside, trip Castle up out there and against the barricades, a couple of times as Young cheers him on to do it again, which he does a couple more times. Woods hits a powerbomb onto the apron as Young sets up a chair, Woods instead tosses him back inside. Young gets pissed at him, as Woods throws the chair on the ground, back inside Woods gets thrown off a bit, but does hit a German suplex until Castle hits one of his own. Woods hits a butterfly suplex but gets a 2. As they scuffle, the referee gets knocked out and Young hits Woods in the head with the chair saying ‘That’s what you get!’, Castle rolls him up and gets the pin.

Winner: Dalton Castle by pinfall at 10:19

Silas Young enters the ring with a mic and talks over a knocked-out Woods. Young said he’s been very patient by Woods’ side to help him become the person he’s capable of being, but once again he defied him. After what happened tonight, this is the last time Woods will ever defy him again because moving forward Young will hurt Woods in ways that will make him question if he’s made the right career choice. And this whole time he’s been teaching him lessons, including the definition of what it takes to be a real man.

Jay Briscoe vs. EC3

This is the match that was supposed to happen at Final Battle, but EC3 could not attend due to COVID restrictions, now looking in fantastic shape. Briscoe is ready to fight, but EC3 keeps extending his hand out that Briscoe is pushing away, they quickly go to work with offense. EC3 takes down Briscoe with a headlock takedown before they end up in the corner. Briscoe delivers a couple of shoulder blocks, followed by a hurricanrana. EC3 followed by the Psycho Boy screaming ‘Where’s your Honor?’, before taking him down with a headlock once again. Briscoe starts fighting EC3 off, but EC3 is able to take him down again with a knee to the gut. EC3 dodges Briscoe, and hits a powerbomb, and goes to the side headlock yet again as he says Honor & Wrestling and mentions that a rest hold wears you down, before hitting a TKO. Briscoe catches a running EC3 in the corner and drops him face-first into the turnbuckle with a flatliner. Briscoe hits a bunch of uppercuts and a dropkick. Briscoe hits a big boot to knock EC3 to the outside where he gets a diving Briscoe who starts to show that might have potentially injured his knee on that while EC3 throws him face first against the corner post. Back inside, EC3 knocks Briscoe down the top turnbuckle, laughs in his face and climbs to the top to join him where he hits Briscoe with a superplex. EC3 targets Briscoe’s injured knee as he screams ‘Honor Me!’. EC3 hits a clothesline followed by the Olympic Slam and a brainbuster. EC3 goes for another superplex, but Briscoe escapes and hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Back inside, Briscoe hits a pair of neckbreakers, and after EC3 is able to hit the third one. EC3 starts laughing with every move that Briscoe delivers, including Briscoe shouting ‘You’re a dead man, boy!’ after the third kick for a two-count. EC3 fights back, hitting another Psycho Boy, but Briscoe comes back with a lariat. EC3 again puts his hand out to stretch, and Briscoe finally shakes it before hitting the Jay Driller for the pin. After the match, they shook hands.

Winner: Jay Briscoe by pinfall at 20:55

Flamita vs. Rey Horus vs. Bandido

This impromptu match is made after their dissension in Hour One, Bandido & Horus do shake hands, while Flamita kicks them out of his way. Bandido & Horus go at it, as Rocky Romero on commentary plugs their appearances on the Super J Cup on NJPW Strong. Flamita comes in and starts attacking both of them with Forever Clotheslines and a DDT. Horus and Flamita go at it, until Horus hits a hurricanrana to Bandido on the outside, before getting a flying Flamita onto him. Back inside, Flamita starts talking trash to the downed Bandido, saying it’s his fault they lost the Six-Man championships. Bandido tells him to calm down before they start trading forearms before Bandido trips up Flamita and superkicks Horus who came back in. In the electric chair position on top of Flamita, Bandido suplexes Horus and knocks him out of the ring. Flamita tells Bandido he wants to fight, and they start trading smacks and clotheslines but ends with Flamita hitting a superkick on Bandido, and a spiral bomb, and a pin account that gets broken by Horus. Flamita hits a pendulum DDT on Bandido and a Muscle Buster on Horus on top of Bandido. Flamita keeps talking trash saying “No more MexiSquad!” but Bandido and Horus double team and take him to the outside before brawling themselves. Bandido hits a pop-up cutter on Horus, and Flamita comes in hitting a frog splash on him before all three hit each other down with boots. Horus hits a crazy-looking crossbody/poison ‘rana on Flamita who was on Bandido’s shoulders. Bandido takes out Horus on the outside, followed by an X Knee on Flamita followed by the 21 Plex for the pinfall.

Winner: Bandido by pinfall at 10:47

After the match, Bandido and Horus try to patch things up with Flamita, but Flamita slaps Horus’ hand but pushes Bandido away before leaving.

Unsanctioned Match: Matt Taven vs. Vincent

This is a pre-taped match as all throughout the pre-show it was hyped as a tape being sent in and Mike Bennett being shown worried that he hasn’t heard back from Taven yet. We go to Matt Taven who’s outside the Police Athletic League in Fall River, Massachusetts and he says this is where everything with Vincent started. We go inside where we see a ring set up and Vincent in the bleachers with a banner that says ‘Welcome Back Taven’. Vincent runs away but Taven says he knows this building and starts heading upstairs where we see another ring set up in a room, and Taven is looking under the ring in the closet for him telling him he used to know what happened up here. Vincent runs at him from the corner and starts throwing Taven into a ladder and other items as the match officially ‘starts’. Vincent takes a dummy and starts singing and dancing with it as they head into this ring where Taven throws Vincent into the corner where some wood was set up. Taven dives onto Vincent who moves on the outside, and Taven goes face-first into a bunch of ladders. Vincent starts talking trash to Taven while throwing him into another room and tossing him to slide on top of a desk, screaming ‘Here I Am!’ and that he’s a God. Taven throws a chair to Vincent’s face and asks if he can fly before throwing Vincent down some stairs followed by a flying elbow from the top of the stairs onto Vincent who’s on the bottom. Taven continues to drag Vincent down more stairs, but Vincent is able to escape and run away. Taven follows him but runs into a chai gate that Vincent has set up and continues to drive Taven into. They head back into the original room with the other ring where Taven says he remembers beating Vincent’s ass here. Vincent attempts a bulldog off the wall, but Taven throws him onto a stack of chairs. Taven says he has a lot of fond memories here before tossing Vincent into this second ring. Taven takes off his belt and starts whipping Vincent telling him to admit he’s his daddy. Vincent is able to hit a low blow his way out of this and starts to rip the padding off the ring exposing the wood. Vincent hits a bulldog off the corner into the wood and then starts leaving saying that everybody knows he is world champion material but Taven keeps standing in the way so he must now do something about it. Vincent on the outside starts lining up a bunch of wooden tables before grabbing Taven. Vincent throws Taven on top of this elevated stage and starts doing some dance moves taunting Taven. Vincent grabs Taven and starts climbing up some stairs into the stands tossing him around the planted chairs. Vincent says it’s been about 12 years since they last have been in this building and what a moment we have now. Vincent says here he is now that Taven wanted him as they start fighting right on the edge of the balcony. We then see a big bearded man in overalls come in and toss both of them over the balcony onto the tables on the floor. He goes down to check on them both but ends up carrying Vincent out of there.

Winner: Vincent (?) at 11:27

Back to the arena, where Riccaboni throws to replays and says that big mystery man looked familiar. We see Jay Lethal backstage who asks Todd Sinclair not to end tonight’s main event early, and he says he will try his best.

ROH Women’s Championship Tournament Announcement

Quinn McKay in the ring introduces the new member of the Board of Directors, Maria Kanellis-Bennett who says she has a big announcement. Maria says the announcement is this summer, Ring of Honor will host a tournament to crown the new ROH Women’s Champion and Maria is inviting women from all over the world to enter the tournament. We then hear the music of The Allure, as Angelina Love and Mandy Leon enter the ring. Love asks Maria who she thinks she is, leaving for 7 years and waltzing her way back into the women’s division, a division The Allure has been running, and asks “What position got her this position?”. Maria says they look cute in their matching outfits, and maybe that bitchiness might have got them something before but in Ring of Honor now, they have to earn their opportunities. Love says she’s a former multi-champion, and Maria says she hasn’t had a match in a year, and if she wins a match she’ll get a bye in the first round of a tournament, and that match will be on Ring of Honor television against something who’s wanted a match for a while; Quinn McKay. Love and McKay stare down to end the segment.

ROH Pure Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Dak Draper

On his way in, Draper takes off a bunch of shirts just to reveal more shirts underneath. Huge height difference in this match being contested under pure rules, but Gresham goes to try and take down Draper right away, but Draper starts grinding his wrist into Gresham’s face. Gresham does it himself by jumping on top of Draper and starts kicking Draper’s legs but fails to take him down. Gresham is finally able to take him down with a side headlock takeover, but Gresham gets his first rope break trying to block Draper’s suplex. Draper puts on a waistlock and they start rolling around before Draper is able to take Gresham down and gets a 1 count with a pin attempt. Gresham starts kicking at Draper again, but Draper lifts him up with a waistlock squeezing him in. Gresham slowly escapes out and grabs the rope again, using his second rope break. Gresham starts kicking Draper in the corner and hits a stalling dropkick to his knee. Draper catches Gresham’s leg and hits an uppercut knocking Gresham down before putting on the stretch muffler and starts swinging him around right into the ropes, where Gresham uses his third and final rope break. Gresham hits a springboard moonsault followed by an ankle lock, but Draper kicks him off and hits a crossbody. Draper tries to put on the Mile High Muffler again, but Gresham squirms out. Gresham hits a pair of forearms, but both times, Draper uses rope breaks to get out, now onto his final one. Gresham rolls into an ankle lock, where Draper crawls and uses his third and final rope break, so now both men are out of rope breaks. Draper used a closed first, and got a warning from Todd Sinclair, Gresham is starting to get counted out but is able to roll to the outside of the ring apron. Draper drags him to the center of the ring to pin him and only gets a two. Draper hits a deadlift superplex followed by a Doctor Bomb for a 2 count. Draper tries to go for the Magnum Drop, but Gresham gets out but runs into a big boot. Draper hits a sit-out powerbomb from the top rope but only gets a 2 count. Draper goes for the Mile High Muffler again, but his knee buckles and he has to let go. Gresham comes back with a springboard moonsault, followed by a flying sleeperhold to the outside that Caprice comedically calls a Tope Sui-sleeper. Gresham keeps the hold on almost getting counted out, but Draper climbs in with Gresham still on his back. He goes to grab the rope, but there are no more rope breaks and Draper passes out.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham by submission at 20:29, to retain.

We go to the commentary booth where Delirious goes to whisper something in Rocky Romero’s ear that he thinks is some sort of a challenge.


ROH World Tag Team Championship: La Facción Ingobernable (c) (Kenny King & La Bestia del Ring) (w/ Amy Rose) vs. The Foundation (Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams)

La Bestia del Ring is substituting for one-half of the tag champions Dragon Lee, who is injured. La Faccion goes to the attack before the bell even rings, and all four end up on the outside where Bestia throws Williams against the corner post and Kenny King is attacking Titus before throwing him back inside where King and Bestia double team Titus including Bestia hitting a senton from the top rope to Titus. Williams tags himself in and starts going to a chopping war with Bestia challenging him to hit harder. Bestia leapfrogs Williams and clotheslines him down before delivering some stomps and misses a senton. King kicks Williams back, and Bestia catches him and places him on the ropes where he gets kicked off by King. Bestia hits a basement dropkick on Williams, and King dives onto Williams on the outside. Back inside, Bestia and Williams knock each other down with a double clothesline before tagging in King and Titus where they both take off their wrist tape before going at it. King hits a Capo Kick before Titus hits a belly-to-belly. Bestia comes in and goes after Titus, who hits a monkey flip on him. Titus hits a Stinger Splash on King, tags Williams in and they double team King until Williams puts King in a Cloverleaf that Bestia attempts to break up by kicking Williams but fails. Titus spins Bestia into a single-leg crap, while King reaches for a rope break. King hits a suplex on Williams into a submission that Titus breaks up. Titus tags in as he and Williams take turns on King and hit a piledriver and a Full Nelson submission that Bestia breaks up and hits a piledriver on Williams. King tags Bestia in who starts kicking Titus. Titus gets up and they start chopping away until Bestia hits a front cracker but instead of going for the cover asks for a chair from Amy Rose but gets mad that she didn’t hand it to him right. Titus takes advantage of the distraction and puts on the Full Nelson to Bestia who taps out.

Winners: The Foundation by submission at 10:35, to become NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions

After the match, Bestia tries to get in Amy Rose’s face, but King stops him before getting in Amy’s face himself and yells at her, but Amy throws up the middle finger. King apologizes but then says she’s done, as Bestia hits a spear and takes her out.

ROH World Championship: Rush (c) vs. Jay Lethal

They both adhere to the Code of Honor and it’s noted that is the first time Rush has done so. Rush starts the match trying to get technical with waist locks and wrist locks. Lethal challenges him to wrestle and Rush gets in an amateur stance that Lethal cradles him up for a 1 count. Lethal then gets in the stance, but Rush spits on him and laughs about it. Lethal charges at him, but Rush dodges, chops him, and hits a splash before Lethal comes back with offense of his own before they trade chops back and forth. Lethal knocks Rush to the outside and hit a springboard dropkick to keep him there followed by a pair of suicide dives. Instead of going for a third one, Lethal just continues to chop Rush by the barricade. Back inside, Lethal starts attacking the right leg of Rush but Rush comes back with a jumping knee to knock Lethal down. Back outside, Rush places Lethal in between the opening of the barrier and slams the door on his head twice. Rush grabs camera cords from under the ring and starts choking Lethal with them. Lethal fights it off, runs into Rush who back body drops him onto the floor. Rush talks into the camera and pours a bottle of water on him telling everybody he’s the champion. Back inside, Rush starts kicking Lethal in the face and starts taunting with him telling everybody to ‘enjoy him’. Lethal gets the upper hand and starts chopping Rush in the corner, but Rush comes back until they start trading kicks. On the top rope, they continue trading chops until Rush falls down and Lethal hits Hail to the King for a 2 count, but transitions right into the Figure Four until Rush grabs the rope. Rush hits a German Suplex followed by a flying knee for a 2 count. Rush places Lethal on the ropes and hits a double stomp for a 2 count. Rush ends up putting Lethal in a Calf Killer that Lethal grabs the rope for and ends up putting Rush in the figure-four, but Kenny King and La Bestia del Ring come out to distract Lethal. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Bestia hits him with a chair. Todd Sinclair thinks about it but doesn’t call for the bell after his talk with Lethal earlier. The Foundation runs out and starts attacking Bestia & King on the outside. Rush goes for his Bull’s Horns, but Lethal dodges it, misses the Lethal Injection, hits the cutter, and finally the Lethal Injection but Rush kicks out at 2. Rush finally hits the Bull’s Horns, but Lethal falls to the outside. Rush goes out and throws Lethal back in, places him in the corner, and hits the Bull’s Horns again for the pin.

Winner: Rush by pinfall at 18:31, to retain

After the match, The Foundation ran back in but La Faccion took all of them out, using a chair in the process. Brody King comes out and says congratulations but you almost went through a whole match without his family. Brody says Rush has always had the numbers to his advantage, but now he has numbers of his own as Tony Deppen runs out. As La Faccion laughs that off, Homicide and Chris Dickinson come behind them to attack them. Brody King reaches his hand out to help Lethal up but ends up taking him out before Homicide hits the Cop Killer.

Siino Vision:

– I enjoyed the closing angle with the new Brody King stable with some new faces to freshen up the matchups between LFI and The Foundation, and I’m very happy to see Chris Dickinson in ROH now as well

– Tracy Williams made history today, becoming the first person in ROH history to win two titles in one night, and it should be noted that both times Dragon Lee’s replacements (King and Bestia) were the cause of that. Once Lee comes back, he should be justifiably upset at them, and possibly even more that they took out Amy Rose as the scapegoat.

– The Vincent/Matt Taven ‘fight’ was done in more of an IMPACT style cinematic match, but at least they explained that it was sent earlier as a video, and without the commentary on it made it a bit more enjoyable. Not sure who the mystery man was, but the way commentary played him up you would think it’s someone with a history tied to Vincent and/or Taven.

– Happy to hear the ROH Women’s Championship is returning, and it should be interesting what names they will include as they made a point to mention outside women from other organizations being brought in for this. I’ve never seen Quinn McKay wrestle, so should be intriguing to see her ROH debut with Angelina Love.

– The MexiSquad break-up seemed sudden, but I am in favor of this as I think someone like a Bandido should be pushed to the singles championship divisions, now that a void of Dragon Lee is there for the time being.

– Overall, a pretty good show with my only real low light being the Jay Briscoe-EC3 match being way too long, wasn’t a bad match, just they didn’t need to stall so much. My favorite match surprisingly was Dak Draper-Jonathan Gresham as two completely different in size men were able to entertain me and have a very innovative finish that made me really enjoy that match.

– A lot of different moving parts, that should make the next couple of weeks of ROH TV very interesting.

7.5 Tope Sui-Sleepers out of 10

Kind of wish I watched this instead of Smackdown tonight.

I read from PWInsider (by way of Prowrestling Dot Net) that the guy that joined up with Vincent was Bill Carr, who some might know from teaming with Dan Barry in Team Tremendous on the indies. I’ve enjoyed him in the past.

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Didn’t watch, but definitely happy to hear that Dickinson, and Carr are all getting opportunities on a stage like ROH.

I don’t understand why Chris Dickinson hasn’t been picked up nyboje of the bigger promotions yet, so hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

Yeah, I’ve grown to enjoy Dickinson more over the years. In both EVOLVE and GCW, he’s come off as one of their MVPs. On NJPW Strong, he’s expressed how really honored he is to be in a New Japan ring, even if it’s just on this show.

Also happy to see Homicide back. Not sure how well he’s holding up, but I’ve been a fan of his for years.