ROH Final Battle - anybody watching?

I re-registered for Honor Club to watch Final Battle this Friday.

Anybody else giving it a shot?

I dropped Honor Club previously because I had no time to watch the weekly TV. If the PPVs became part of the subscription, I’d definitely keep it.

Would also love to see separate tapings. But I assume unless they get TV, that’s not happening.

Card looks decent:
(Seems like Cagematch typo, as I don’t belie that trios match is a Fight Without Honor. Regardless, that’s a big draw for me.)

Definitely feels more in line with what ROH should be doing - which is giving different talent a showcase and chance to shine.

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Not watching, but that’s not a reflection on the card. Looks like it will be a really good show. Has a bunch of the top ROH talent plus one big match (and a well-chosen one, at that) to hopefully draw some extra eyeballs/tickets.

When you only have three PPVs per year, I think it’s a misstep to not have the ROH Champion on the show (not advertised, at least). But that title is essentially vacant right now, so there wouldn’t really be much for him to do anyway.


I’ll be watching! I’m working late Friday so will hope it’s quiet or catch replay

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I’m not going to watch. Between main roster WWE/AEW, I just don’t have time for NXT and/or sure in ring it will be a good show though.

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Trying to arrange work and family biz so that I can watch live. Each of the previous Khan-era ROH PPVs has exceeded expectations (even more than most AEW PPVs), and while this one’s coming together -really- late there are some real sleeper possibilities for great matches.

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I won’t be watching but will seek out highlights at least.

I’m really hoping all the belts move to Full Time RoH guys. Even if that means shifting some guys over. I really can’t care when they’re on AEW guys.

I’ve been considering joining Honor club when I have some time on my hands. I’d like to dig into the old catalogue and enjoy the new PPVs for 6 months but I’d like to know who’s an RoH guy and not

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