ROH Final Battle ticket sales

Terrible. That entire brand needs a re-imagining ASAP.

AEW/ROH is running three events in four days in the Dallas area.

Dynamite in Arlington, TX on 12/13
RoH Final Battle in Garland, TX on 12/15
Collision in Garland, TX on 12/16

I think that Dallas is a proven wrestling scene. Multiple WrestleMania’s and WWE PPV’s have happened here. But maybe it’s just a WWE town. I’ve been to the previous AEW shows here and they have been fun with a loud crowd but not a full crowd. And trying to do three events is too much. No way I’m going to all three.

I’m the most interested in going to Dynamite Winter is Coming but because of work it might be difficult to go to the show on. Wednesday so I’m planning on going to Collision instead. No interest in RoH.

They’ve just started announcing matches for this show, but this is giving me December to Dismember vibes.


They are probably going to have to throw some Continental Classic matches on the show. ROH has been so diminished this year, it’s like if AEW Dark had a PPV.

I also don’t think ROH should travel out of the northeast. Stick to Baltimore, NY and Philly.

I don’t see Continental Classic matches being limited to an HonorClub-only event.

I wouldn’t mind ROH being Northeast only again.

Tony bought a brand with minimal followers, and never really did anything to boost that. Joe, MJF, Cole, Claudio, FTR (I think) and Kingston all held belts and still had regular meaningful matches on AEW TV.

For all I know, he is fine with what ROH is. But for any serious growth, you either have to commit some folks who draw to that brand, or accept that it will be a niche within a niche audience.

1K is fine for ROH


What’s the deal in the US?
In the UK you’d be able to get £10 or even free tickets to this the week of?

I’m going Ice cube on Thursday for £25 when face value is £100+

Oh no. In the US you dont get anything for free. We have to pay for health care. Its actually a joke. What a terrible country.

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1,000 for what is supposed to be their biggest show is horrible. Final Battles under non-AEW ownership did much better

It depends on what seats and what show

I hustle a lot of tickets in the Toronto area because I have seasons to the leafs and raptors and get pretty much for tickets to any event I want I had at the public

In my experience if your tickets are really good, then they will sell early because the fans that want those really good seats will play a premium. However, if you have a really hot show, then anll bets are off and everything will sell out early and prices will go above face.

But for anything that isn’t super hot or super Good seat if you wait until a few days or even the day of the show, there’s always people trying to unload you can’t really be picky about where you sit but. You will end up paying less

They’ll likely cross 2K if not more. I’m sure they’re going to drop a ton of cool matches in the weeks to come. It’s the same thing with every ROH show.


Finished under 2K


It was an awesome show. And probably drew better than the majority of Final Battle events.

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