ROH Free Live Stream Friday Night

Hey everyone, figured I’d pass along that Ring of Honor is streaming their live event from North Carolina for free Friday night, as kind of a reward and preparation for their new Honor Club streaming service. Pretty good card and these events are usually released on their site as a VOD the following week. I find these really entertaining as they build toward PPV just as good, if not better than their weekly tv.

Says it’s free on their website and also FITE Tv which I have confirmed has already been added. It’s only their second event of 2018 so it should be a lot of fun as they have a PPV next month. On the Raw and Smackdown feedbacks Jon and Wai read off on their shows always being below a 6, I’d be interested what everyone would give a show like this:

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Is this event going to be worth my time to watch it?

It’s been years since I watched ROH regularly - I’ll watch the occasional Supercard of Honor or Final Battle, but that’s about it (that’s after buying almost every dvd between 2005 and 2008, and watching occasional shows for 5 years after that).

I think the product lost a lot of credibility when 1) it had a stream of top guys, and really popular guys, all leave, and 2) when it became NJPWs bitch whenever there were ROH vs NJPW matches.

With that said, I watch a lot of NJPW, so the wrestlers on the show won’t be completely alien to me.

Is it worth giving ROH a shot, or is this free mainly because it’s a ho-hum card not worth my time?

If you’ve been following the product (which you haven’t based on your response) it’s worth it as Cody has a big issue with Taven. They just wrestled last week and trade flow blows with Taven stealing Cody’s ring. Flip Gordon vs Martinez is rematch from an awesome TV match they had last year. Bucks vs Barretta and Chuckie T. It’s not free as a pity its ROH giving fans a good show ahead of their streaming service.

I’m a huge NJPW fan as well and looking forward to the show tomorrow but I definitely don’t roll my eyes at ROH like a lot of people do. It’s not overly insulting and they put on entertaining 3 hour shows with no commercials

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