ROH:Global Wars Toronto

Jake from Hamilton,

Hello John and Wai,

Tonight is a first for a lot of things, including writing you guys, going to my first ROH live show, taking my girlfriend to her first ever wrestling show, and not dreading my decision to go to the wrestling show. This global wars show was awesome, and more importantly my girlfriend found it far more enjoyable then the current WWE product. Her exact words being “Those Bucks aren’t just 700 pound guys who yell, they can actually do flips”. The highlight of the night was the SSB vs SCU match, and yes I did believe for a second that SSB was going to get the pin. Sad that Cody couldn’t make it, but the Juice match was really good even if it went 5-10 mins to long. It was awesome to finally see the Bucks live, and that match also has me craving for more Kushida and Sabin team ups as they were fantastic together. While the Bucks were big deals on the show, all the New Japan talent felt really important, especially Naito. This show overall was an X-Large black (I don’t take cream or sugar) and hopefully this coffee comes with a sleeve because it’s hot af.


I am also from Hamilton, I never find out about these ROH shows until it is too late. I missed out on the NJPW/ROH card in May of this year. I’ve been lucky enough to see Cody and Joey Ryan at an indie event here in Hamilton.

I was hoping to find someone here on POST that went to the show, and could give us a run down on the card. Much appreciated!

SCU match was my fave then the Young Bucks. Fun show. Love when the NJPW guys come to T.O.

It was my first live wrestling show in many years and I had a blast.

When I heard Cody was injured I was hoping we’d get Juice vs. Beretta as a replacement and was ecstatic that it happened.

Juice vs. Beretta was my match of the night with the main event a close second. A Juice vs. Cody rematch was what I was expecting the direction to be for Wrestle Kingdom 13 and seeing Juice live has further convinced me the sky’s the limit for him.

Also Evil was really really over so I think in the end his match with Jericho helped to elevate him.

Just a couple of criticisms: Naito felt placed way low on the card considering how big of a star he is.

A shame that Dalton Castle was completely pulled from the show.

Was surprised that this show didn’t sell out but after chatting with some people at the show, we all agreed the promotional effort was weak.

I only heard this show was happening because it was mentioned in passing on the Super-J Cast and I only noticed any sustained promotion on ROH social media only two weeks out. Curious about how well the other shows on this tour did.